дизайн коротких ногтей фотоA technique of painting on the nails offers the following types of design that even short nails will look well-groomed and very beautiful. Design for short nails can be done on the basis of the gel and acrylic nails to breaking and were of the same shape and length.

дизайн для коротких ногтей фото

Beautiful design at very short nails

красный леопардовый маникюр квадратных ногтей фото

Design of manicure on short fingernails in trendy turquoise style. Gentle transparent or pale pink tone nail, French manicure made in turquoise colours and simple drawing – so simple and elegant. Decor of this can be done at home, instead of a picture paints it is possible to find a picture, store-bought.

дизайн коротких ногтей фото

Design for short nails in the style of a French manicure on the photo looks like a simple the geometrical pattern of the: a few strokes and black and white points on the same background look very elegant and festive, nails decorated with sequins and glitter.

леопардовый черный дизайн квадратных ногтей фото

дизайн короткие ногти фото

Short nails, you can decorate the home permanently. To prepare nails to paint, degrease them, select primary color and cover the nails in 2 layers. You can decorate the rhinestones, hearts, sequins.

короткие ногти розовые леопард фото

цветы на коротких ногтях фото

Also the house can be done French and decorate it with rhinestones, this is done using a special semicircular form for an even application of white lacquer, and rhinestones are fixed with special glue nail.

Stunning design short nail in the chess style, can easily make yourself. You need to carefully break each nail into four equal parts and paint them black and gold lacquer. A joint line, if desired, can be decorated with rhinestones. Also this option scenery of the nails can be done in other colours, depending on the color of a dress and a festive occasion.

Wedding design for short nails

Such a beautiful design for short nails will not leave anyone indifferent. Short acrylic or gel nails will become the basis for gentle air picture. This decor will emphasize youth bride and special festive atmosphere of the wedding.

On short nails will look very beautiful ornate drawing made gentle in gold on the white background. This design is suitable not only young girls, but brides and older. He looks when decorate the square short fingernails.

розовый маникюр на коротких ногтях фото

Very natural and touchingly delicate French manicure can make the bride of any age. Pink mother of pearl and white finish in the form of wings of gull – simple sophistication.

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