Pregnancy is a special state of soul and body. Hormonal explosion changes psyche, pregnant women become внушаемыми and more vulnerable. And because the pregnancy is accompanied by a number of physiological changes, then there’s a number of new acute problems. In particular, vocal незалеченные teeth. And future mom starts to look for the clinic. And is surprised to learn of the existence of such industry as «dentistry for pregnant women». And it appears suddenly, that have a super-duper clinics that specialize in this «dentistry».

Препараты для беременныхAnd the drugs they miraculous, and harm to the unborn child they didn’t bring on any terms. And they are therefore keen to rocket up, for young pregnant is a category from which sin not to make money. In fact, any dentist who knows how and when to treat teeth pregnant. And what products to use. The time of treatment of the teeth is the second trimester of pregnancy. It is that time – the most safe for the fetus, and this time, when already apparent problems caused by the fence of calcium from the mother to the child. And that’s the time to go to the doctor.

And again, any competent dentist knows that anesthesia for pregnant women in the best case should not contain adrenaline, or contain its minimum (so as not to provoke miscarriage), and it is used for anesthesia. And there is nothing wrong if You ask the doctor the drug for anesthesia, and read contraindications, and be sure to when writing to the doctor to inform about its position.

Снимки для беременныхAnd one of the myths that love to promote owners super-duper clinics for pregnant women is the use of радиовизиографов for the pictures. They forget to mention that radio sighting devices still give some radiation (which will not be critical), as the security of dentistry is growing. In fact, fear rather uncontrolled use of such devices. Their use of the clinic should have a compulsory LICENSE! And not shameful person to ask about her presence.

P.S. And clinics for pregnant women does not exist! This is a PR move. And certainly, coming to this clinic, You will see in the next seat (if it is a real clinic) bearded uncle, which certainly cannot be in the same situation with You!

Summary: don’t fall for the advertising. Know that any dentist who knows how to treat the teeth of a pregnant woman. And if the doctor is not explained to You that the first and third trimester of pregnancy wrong time, and vigorously took the syringe with anesthetic, think about whether You had found the right clinic?

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