нежный дизайн ногтей с сердечками фотоEvery woman who scrupulous care for their appearance, does not leave without attention to the nails. To decorate them, use different techniques of nail Polish, but if you want something fine and easy, you can make the delicate design of nails.

нежный дизайн ногтей в горошек фото

If you want a manicure was beautiful and unpretentious, you can do a French manicure. Exactly delicate design of nails when you run a manicure with the same technology and attract women. But the main obstacle is the decision to do it at home or in the cabin. In the first case, you will need: Lac Foundation, white and pink varnishes, stencils (tips).

нежный дизайн ногтей френч фото

You must first prepare nails, then apply the varnish-based.

After drying need to paste stencils and carefully put white lacquer on the nail tips, you can put him in several layers.

Then cover the nail plate pink varnish. It also can be applied in several layers.

нежный дизайн ногтей с блестками фото

And finally, to manicure lasted longer, it is possible to cover it a fixer.

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