You have decided to learn English? Commendable. But first, decide for yourself some questions. English is a three – dimensional discipline. To study it in perfection takes years of practice and qualified mentors. Since you are not going to become a Professor-linguist, and want to master the international means of communication, highlight the priority areas for study. For example, going to travel abroad? Place emphasis on speaking. You develop a business on the international market? Learn English spoken.

Как учить английский?Next, we should define the program and methods of teaching, the schedule of classes (daily or several times a week), budget (including the payment of services of the tutor, the acquisition of benefits etc). It is important to find a good teacher is having a profound theoretical knowledge and good speaking the language. By the way, vacancy English teacher today is in high demand, and the market of educational language services in the country is developing incredibly rapidly.

After all this, it is important to set yourself psychologically. Do not take the learning process as a heavy burden. Yes, learning English requires serious dedication, but this language is not so difficult as Hindi or эускара. It is mastered even the children. Just need to have patience, discipline yourself and concentrate on performing the exercises, memorizing words and etc.

Я выучила английскийPsychologists advise to visualize the end result. That is, imagine what awaits you at the end of the road – free communication with foreign business partners travel all over the world, the availability of any information on the Internet, the opportunity to read literature in the original, the understanding of the texts hits. And, may be, and career growth, respect for the environment and, as a consequence, the life success.

Independent learning is good only in that it allows to save time and money. If you are not a genius, I learn English similarly, you are unlikely to succeed. Individual lessons with a tutor most expensive, but giving you a much greater chance of success. Here, however, much depends on the personal qualities, experience and level of professionalism of the mentor. Group training is also a promising. In this case, the studies of the grammar is accompanied by live communication, developing it.

Whichever method of training you choose, remember to learn the necessary vocabulary, phonetics, grammar. The one from the other in the language is inseparable. Learn more about aspects of the study of English at the website of the EAS.

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