Даша Жукова и Роман Абрамович на открытии катка в Парке Горького

Roman Abramovich and Darya Zhukova

Yesterday evening in the Gorky Park opened Europe’s largest skating rink with artificial turf. Architectural Bureau Wowhaus inspired by currents of the stars, so that the center of the rink large-scale shining installation, and the ice was broken by 30 thousand LEDs.

The guests of the opening of the skating rink of steel Dasha Zhukova, Roman Abramovich, Laura Джугелия and many others. The head of the Moscow Department of culture Sergei Kapkov warmly welcomed its first visitors and gave interviews, and Director of the Gorky Park Olga Zakharova assured the guests that the quality of coverage will remain high during the whole period of operation until mid-spring.

сергей капков
Sergei Kapkov

сергей капков и ольга захарова
Sergei Kapkov and Olga Zakharova

Лаура Джугелия
Laura Джугелия

Лаура Джугелия-1
Laura Джугелия and Mike Yurchuk

илья куснирович
Ilya Kusnirovich

Natalia Spirina, Azamat Цебоев and Olga Zakharova

Victoria Чеглакова

Eugene Фишелева with the son and Ulyana Ничвеева


каток горького

каток горького-1

каток горького-4

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