Дарья Вербова о любви к аштанга-йоге, блошиным рынкам и карьере актрисы

Daria Verbova admitted that two years ago decided to make a pause in the modeling career because she felt emotionally and physically exhausted.

The canadian model of Ukrainian origin recently celebrated the 30th anniversary:

I felt that something has changed. And it was a relief: ” now I can do and say what I want because I’m 30. At first there were a lot of doubts – say, if I couldn’t solve the problem of 20, you now also have a chance to surrender.

In an interview with the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar, she said,

A couple of years ago I made a risky step, having decided to reduce the modelling work to a minimum, because I couldn’t stand it anymore either physically or emotionally.

It’s like having absolutely all that you want. All you dreamed about, is carried out. But you can no longer buy anything to be happy. And you think, “Well, what else is there?” And has to go away.

Before returning from a two-year “vacation,” Daria vowed to spend more time at home in Ireland with boyfriend to stay healthy:

I work a certain amount of time, and then the rest.

Of course, such a schedule can afford only incredibly successful model. Since Darya became a messenger of Lancome in 2005, she worked with such brands as Isabel Marant, Céline, Diane von Furstenberg, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo. But verbova’t got star disease and not “lost” at the top of glory and success: you’ll never see her in a night club in a state of intoxication. Daria love walks on the beaches of Ireland, Cuba, India.

Model talked about your account in Instagram:

It started because I asked the family. As relatives never know where I am.

Verbova admitted that she had never dreamed about life in Ireland:

Would not have believed that there move. But I also never thought I’d become a successful model. And would never have believed that to fall in love in the man I love.

Daria originally jokes about my young man:

Weird, that – he’s a priest for the lady. We Шинейдом very close. 

But when the model works, it is laid out fully. Being a person Celine, she talks about the collaboration with the designer Phoebe Philo:

I never thought I could transform into a girl Celine. I did not know her and thought: “God, red nails”.

It amuses me. We can sit, talk nonsense and very well.

About your wardrobe model says:

Yes, and I often wear vintage clothing. In Toronto the go shopping in Kensington Market – amazing place. I love flea markets in Brooklyn and Уилльямсберге.

Now it is fashionable Bob honey, which is the first time we saw two years ago in an advertising campaign Celine already отрос. Haircut Verbova copied girls around the world:

Christian cut my hair short, but I feel awful bad support haircut. Yes, I подрезаю ends, but in fact, during these two years did nothing to save the bean. Lower strands bright – it is very natural.

As Daria maintains an excellent shape?

I dependent on Ashtanga yoga, and stopped drinking alcohol. I love extreme, if I say that cross the Atlantic ocean, then do it.

By the way, on the fingers models – two tattoos in the form of anchors.

I am very flexible. Always been so.

By the way, messenger of Lancome thinking and acting career:

Hi, HBO, I want to play in a “Game of thrones”. I can play a warrior Yes, anyone in fact.

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