Дакота Джонсон рассказала об уходе за кожей, любимых косметических средствах и своих секретах красоты

Dakota Johnson

While fans of the bestselling book “Fifty shades of grey” (Fifty Shades of Grey) waiting for the continuation of the story of the relationship Anastacia Steele and Christian grey, the female leading role in the film adaptation of the book working on new projects.

Dakota Johnson, representing the flavor of the Gucci Bloom, told Glamour magazine in a short interview about your principles of skin care, the most effective training, the beauty habits of famous relatives – mothers and grandmothers – and shared his findings to care for themselves.

About skin care:

I love beautiful packaging, so buy a bunch of products, but in the end not all are – I just like the way they look. My daily skin care is very simple: wash your face morning and evening, apply a moisturizer and during the day use sunscreen products.

Дакота Джонсон
Dakota Johnson

About the makeup:

Don’t do makeup, if there is no special need. When I go out, apply a bit of concealer, mascara and lip gloss.

The secret beauty of the eyes:

Hi, I’m Dakota and I’m addicted to eye drops. Last time you bled them 20 minutes ago. Really fell for them… I Just like the feeling after them. Excellent!

Female stunt for his grandmother:

One day she (the actress Tippi Hedren – approx.ed.) watched how I paint the eyes and said that if you omit the mirror and apply mascara looking down, you get to paint over the lashes from root to tip. Of course, she’s right! She’s a movie star and a legend!

Дакота Джонсон

About the scents:

Like to use perfume because I like to feel their trail… I Prefer floral scents. I’m wearing Gucci Bloom floral fragrance, that’s why I love him so much. My mom (actress Melanie Griffith – approx.ed.) uses the same perfume since the day of my birth that I was incredibly comforting.

About the training:

For the role of apprentice ballet school Susie in the movie “Suspiria” (Suspiria) I spent six months training with a great choreographer Damien the Sting. Up to 16 years studied dance in Los Angeles, and new classes are great exercises for your muscles. I was practicing six to eight hours a day before shooting, then did the same two hours during shooting. It was the most wild experience! I learned that if you work on yourself, you’re able to do anything with your body.

About regret after experiments with appearance:

A few tattoos that I would not like to see on your body, but they are. This morning in a kind of a rush I cut bangs after six months of waiting, when the hair grows back. I hope that you will not regret.

Дакота Джонсон

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