Дакота Джонсон: "Я разрыдалась, когда получила роль в "50 оттенков серого"!"

Actress Dakota Johnson was so glad that won the role in the film adaptation of “50 shades of grey that immediately burst into tears. In addition, her mind instantly moved “dirty” thoughts about sex. But first, let’s find out how it all began.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly 24-year-old model and actress said:

I have long dreamed about this role. As soon as I heard about the upcoming shooting, then immediately contacted the producer Mike deluc’s to help me pass the casting. But at that time I read no books of the trilogy! But my desire to play in the film adaptation of increased even more when I assessed the novels.

On listening Dakota read a long and sensual monologue from the film of Swedish Director Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona”, which tells about the sexual adventure sister Alma on the beach along with another woman and two young men. This choice is not quite typical for кинопрослушиваний, but he persuaded Johnson in a Mature manner Directors sex tape.

Literally every day partner Jamie Дорнана called to my managers and agents to find out the results of the casting. But the long-awaited proposal was made only at the end of the summer. Call caught actress in a new York apartment girlfriend. Nobody except for the actor boyfriend Jordan Мастерсона, did not know about her samples on the role Анастейши:

After a phone call I looked out the window and began to examine the people in the Windows opposite. Then I thought: “How it would be funny if right now I’m beginning to peep how they have sex!” Producers told that I got the part, and I don’t know what to answer. I felt so relieved that cried and cried. The water literally flowed from my eyes, because tension brewing for so long!

Daughter of don Johnson and Melanie Griffith and remembered about the dog:

And my black Doberman Pinscher just collapsed on the bed and fell asleep! And it is in this moment of my life.

Dakota said that does not want to see the parents on the set:

I would not go for shooting films, where mom and dad are involved in erotic scenes. Of course, I won’t call!

Dakota Johnson sees 50 shades of gray” a lot of the romance:

I think this is a wonderful story of love. That is why the novel became so popular. I understand her character Анастейшу and perfectly cope with the role. Imagine, I had to practice a lot to look good naked. Now I understand people who spend in the fitness rooms day and night. It’s so hard and tiring!

We can assess the acting Dakota Johnson 13 February 2015.

дакота джонсон и джейми дорнан
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the images for EW

дакота джонсон-8

дакота джонсон

дакота джонсон
Dakota Johnson buys food for his dog

дакота джонсон-1

дакота джонсон мелани гриффит
Dakota Johnson with her mother Melanie Griffith

дакота джонсон-3
Dakota Johnson at the ceremony of Art LACMA+Film

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