лечебный педикюр ноги фотоCurative pedicure is not only aesthetic and hygienic procedure, but also medical, which involves removal of ingrown toenails, corns, and also solves the problem of extreme dryness of the skin of the feet.

Hygienic pedicure

The most popular treatment for the feet – hygienic pedicure. This is a classic cut pedicure, which includes:

  • Steaming feet in a special размягчающей tub with soap means and oils;
  • Aesthetic treatment of nails and feet;
  • Application of special means, depending on skin problems.

Curative pedicure dry feet skin involves the use of various oils (peach, olive oil, castor) instead of soap composition. By using dietary balsams is massage.

лечебный педикюр ванночка фото

The problem of hyperkeratosis (education hard corneal layer) decides specimen pedicure. The procedure is carried out with the help of fruit or dairy acid. Solution affects the hardened skin, which are removed with the help of the device with additional attachments.

лечебный педикюр отпаривание фото

With the help of a special tool, the master pedicure can handle a dry corn with a «rod». However, processing amenable only blisters on the initial stage. Advanced cases surgeon cuts.

Pedicure for problem nail

The most common problem nail – ingrowth. In the early stages of specialist gently cleanses away dead skin side edges of the nail plate. Ingrown nail significantly укорачивают.На later stages of the inflammation begins. Master lays under the nail plate special protector, which prevents its further growing.

лечебный педикюр маска для ног фото

Psoriasis of the nails started to change color and thickening of the nail bed and the nail plate. Dots appear, stains and stratification. Treatment consists in the complete isolation of the nail from chemical exposure, regular cutting their nails and regular use of fatty cream. Only a doctor appointed by medication treatment: tablets and local application solutions and ointments («Дайвонекс», «Лоринден And»).

Curative pedicure with nail fungus

Antifungal pedicure somewhat different from the traditional. Each nail is used disposable separate instrument, in the case of apparatus pedicure own mill, which is treated in the sterilizer.

When a fungus should refrain from the trim pedicure. After processing nails are covered with protective anti means.

Curative pedicure performs specialist – подолог, which, depending on the problem will offer the methods of treatment and make recommendations.

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