Crimea is fine at any season. Southern coast of Crimea, among the connoisseurs of the summer holidays are still valued hardly the best place in the world to spend a vacation. A huge variety of natural and historical sites, a wide range of natural areas and picturesque bays with pure bottom. And all this beauty is collected on a relatively small space. Add to this the lack of a visa, absence of necessity of flights, the Russian-speaking population… If and prices were slightly lower, then you can accurately call Crimea Paradise on earth.

Цены в КрымуIndeed, summer prices on the southern coast of the Crimea can easily enter in sheer amazement. However, not everything is so sad, if you are planning a vacation this summer, and it does not expect significant expenses, then you should pay attention to the Azov coast of Crimea.

Yes, absolutely everyone knows about the southern coast, forgetting that the Crimea is a Peninsula, surrounded on three sides by seas. And therefore, if you compare the cost of the Crimean vacation on the Black sea cost of the Crimean same rest on the shore of the Azov sea are the two big differences, as they would say in Odessa.

And is far not the fact that the comfort and relaxation you will receive at the black sea coast same what you offer Crimean resorts, located on the shore of the Azov sea. Even with significant additional charge. As an example, by the way, you can bring the holiday А This service European – a lot of comfort enough for a modest fee.

Азовское мореAnd all because he allegedly is not very prestigious location. Lord, everywhere the same sea – wet, warm and salty! And the sun gives deep brown tan not only on the southern coast!

If you do not have Crimean exotics, then you simply sit in a comfortable minibus, which really soft and comfortable chairs, a TV and air conditioning, and make a tour around the southern coast, and in the evening, tired but satisfied, you go back to my room.

And if you have your own car, then there is the problem of movement disappears, and you should stay on the Azov coast of Crimea, saved on проживанье money to spend on the trip across the picturesque corners, with which nature endowed this glorious Peninsula in great numbers!

Source – site of the hotel on the East coast of Crimea.

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