What if approaching wedding party, and the classic French manicure bride did not inspire? Make an image of bright creative ideas to help nail design, which bailed out, no one stylish girl.

For decades the perfect manicure bride is considered a classic French. Even decor for such a solemn event offer is often restrained. But what do the girls who want to stand out, to emphasize its original style? They come to the aid of creative manicure bride who have already tried many famous and not so fashionable.

For modest brides who only stepped on the path of brightness and not platitudes perfect manicure with lacing». This playful detail of the image will blend in with the cast or parts of the bouquet. To perform this drawing it is necessary to cover the nail plate is opaque white lacquer and after complete drying using a fine brush or дотса – metal sticks with a rounded end, draw laces and, of course, not to forget about the playful бантике.

You may prefer bright manicure, which will overlap with the bouquet of the bride or the colors of the Banquet hall or the arch site ceremony. Painted nails in one tone or some fingers highlight the contrasting shade, depends only on the taste and the courage of the bride. And is the most innocent idea of creative nail Polish.

Catchy and original look nails wedding, reminiscent of the paintings of the Impressionists. To create this image will help technique smears and Ombre. In the first case, on light, for example, white Foundation randomly applied drops or dabs of colour varnish. This explosion of colour allow to dry and cover the nail fixer, so-called «finish». The beauty of this design is that even the shortcomings of the picture will look organically. The main thing to watch, that the cover was not too dense, or it will dry out indefinitely. The word Ombre in the lexicon of manicure came from hairdressing art, it refers to the technology of dyeing, in which even the most contrasting colors blend into one another. Such a design can be run independently by means of a sponge for washing dishes or seek professional help.

Less catchy, but not less than originally looks on the delicate fingers of the bride sand or caviar manicure. Although visually both types are similar, the technology is absolutely different. Sand or diabetes manicure extremely simple to create such an unusual design need just a special varnish for the nails. The palette of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics allow every bride to choose the option to taste. Execution technology is simple – diabetes varnish applied to the nail plate in two layers and waiting for the full drying. Apply the coating is not needed, it will smooth out the entire unusual relief. The special charm of this unusual varnish is that it is extremely fast and is, any errors easily corrected, and after drying it is not visible. Such wedding nails will attract the views not only guests, but also those who will review the photo later years.

Execution of caviar manicure best left to a specialist, such work may be beyond the power of the undulating bride. To create such a catchy design will need: nail Polish, fixing coating and fine beads, called the master of manicure «бульонки». The nail plate, degrease and apply the first layer of varnish, after drying it can be undertaking further work. Alternately, you must perform the following manipulations with each nail: apply a second coat of varnish and top generously sprinkle nail бульонками. Showered decorative elements can be together again in a container, they are quite suitable for further use. After that, nails need to cover a fixer. This manicure looks boldly and catchy, but, alas, short-lived, it is a pleasure just a couple of days. But they will be enough to creative bride furor.

If you plan stylized wedding, give the image of the bride perfection can aquarium manicure. Most often it is made on the artificial nails, and its implementation technology is the following: between the layers of the material, as it were sealed elements of decor, for example, mica, dried flowers, etc. This expert will be able to create on the nail even miniature pirate ship, if the celebration will be designed in the style of the adventures of Jack Sparrow. The undeniable advantage of this design is its durability, such wedding pictures on the nails will please mistress 2-3 weeks, which is especially important for those who immediately after the celebration goes on a journey.

And, of course, we cannot forget the lace manicure, which has already become classic creative wedding decor nails. Fingers of the bride adorned with lace will give her tender sensitive soul and underline the solemnity of the moment. Most often decorated with openwork tracery one or two fingers, but the bold girl can afford and more catchy option – lace at all nails, which will overlap with the trim dress, gloves, creating an image of a fairy Princess. Lace manicure can be supplemented with rhinestones, beads or elements лепками, this design is capable of becoming the main focus of the image of the bride. Particularly touching the delicate fabric looks combined with vintage or stylized wedding dress. And lace contrast color and does break all stereotypes.

Any creative manicure may become a focus of the image or can complement the bride dresses or masterfully interwoven into the overall style of the wedding, the main thing is that it has been executed qualitatively and then nothing can spoil this bright day.

Which of the ideas of creative manicure nor fallen choice, it is important to remember that drawing on nails is sure to be catching views. And rule only one, the bride must be comfortable with such a design, and more, there are no rules.


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