The role of textiles in the design of residential premises is difficult to overestimate. It is impossible to imagine a beautiful house with no curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, cushions. They make the house cosy, and at the same time emphasize the style of the interior.

Today, the stores offer a wide range of materials of different texture and color. Choose from the variety of what you need it to you quite difficult. Therefore, when making purchases, talk to your consultant shop or salon.

Текстиль для дома в одном стилеThe first thing you must carefully to make measurements. In this case, note the consumption of tissue at the folds, shuttlecocks, frills, as well as the fact that the fabric with large pictures need a little more.

You must remember that textile articles should not beaten out from the General background premises, contrast with the colour of the Wallpaper and furniture. They must not violate the style of the interior. Hardly room, sustained in the style of hi-tech decorate lace napkins or blind with thingies.

If you live in the house animals should not laid on the floor fluffy light carpets. A family with small children will not fit white upholstery of the sofas and chairs.

Шторы для домаPay attention to the texture. Check out how it is draped, can make of it folds how much she hesitated. When choosing fabrics for curtains, it is desirable to look at it against the light. Material смотрящийся roll, may the sun lose color saturation and image.

Well, if possible, take home, tissue samples and figure out how they will interact with your interior.

Select the drawing and color is crucial moment when purchasing textiles. And the little sofa pillow, and a kitchen towel and complex curtains on the big window will show your taste, lifestyle and preferences.

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