косметика Мирра ЛюксRussian cosmetics «Mirra Lux» appeared on the market relatively recently – in the nineties of the last century, but during the short history of existence has already won the hearts of many buyers. Do not bypass these tools and awards at international competitions: «Mirra Lux» was the only Russian company to have received this recognition in the world.


Features cosmetics

косметика Мирра ЛюксOn the Russian market of direct sales company «Mirra» appeared in 1996. From the very beginning the company has bet on high technology in the production of cosmetics were used innovative technologies and the Russian military-industrial development. It is believed that the developers cosmetics «Mirra Lux» made a real revolution: creams began to prepare otherwise, appeared liposomal gels and ultra-fine emulsion.

New varieties of cosmetics allowed to make them much more effective than before. The tiny size of active particles and their special «programming» ensures the delivery of active substances into the deepest layers of the skin. Previously it was thought that this is impossible, but the developers of conquered this height: creams and serums from «Mirra Lux» – differ from cosmetics other companies special efficiency.

The company uses only natural raw material, and the active components of the funds are chosen in such a way as to strengthen action each other. The funds are not included hormonal additives, pharmaceuticals, artificial preservatives and flavorings. This qualifies cosmetics «Mirra Lux» completely natural and safe.


Success story

косметика Мирра ЛюксFirst appeared on the market means to skin care and supplements of the «Myrrh». In 2004 the range of manufactured products expanded by decorative cosmetics, which was produced in collaboration with the concern Pierre Cardin. To cooperate with foreign partners it easier, in 2009 the company was renamed – from now on, her name was written in Latin letters – «Mirra».

The company is constantly developing, with new offices appear not only in Russia, but and abroad. Such offices in Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and even in Japan.


For any taste

косметика Мирра ЛюксWith the help of makeup «Mirra Lux», you can solve almost any problem with the skin. The means to Express humidification help instantly drunk moisture dried up, tired skin. Special line for skin that is prone to allergies will minimise the probability of allergic reactions and help protect sensitive skin. Means to cleanse, tone, moisturise and nourish the skin will be useful for basic care.

For the solution of specific skin problems need a series of «Anti-acne» and «Anti-age». Sunscreens will save your skin from the sun, and special balms lash will do without the procedure of extension. And luxury decorative cosmetics accentuate the natural beauty without harming the skin.

Special tools are available for modern men who try to look good. This and cosmetics, shaving, and anti-aging serum, and creams – in short, everything that should be in the man’s purse.


Dignity cosmetics

That can be attributed to the undoubted advantages of cosmetics «Mirra Lux»?

  • Natural ecologically pure ingredients of cosmetic products, which necessarily tested before use.
  • Large assortment: many series for the solution of any problems with the skin and hair.
  • Natural preservatives and emulsifiers.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • The unique method of «cold emulsification» in cosmetics production, which allows to keep all useful properties of natural components.
  • Use of the gifts of the sea in the manufacture of cosmetics.


Disadvantages cosmetics

косметика Мирра ЛюксIncapable, and cosmetics «Mirra Lux» has also some disadvantages. For example, the system of direct sales of cosmetics seems easy, not all buyers. Many would like to be able to just go to the store and purchase your favorite cosmetic and not look for a consultant, agree with it and wait for the execution of the order.

Of course, «Mirra Lux» is not the only company working on this scheme, and similar claims buyers present to all producers, offering only a system of direct sales. Manufacturers, in turn, stated that this scheme of interaction with customers allows to make products more affordable.

Another disadvantage of cosmetics, according to many: the inability to own, without the aid of a cosmetologist and dermatologist, choose the suitable cosmetic. No doubt, the consultation of doctor won’t hurt anyone, but not all find time for unscheduled trip to the doctor.

According to many who long enough faithful to the brand, in recent years the products of «Mirra Lux» became worse than before. In particular, with the production were filmed effective means to sell the company was unprofitable. Causes discontent and packing: for example, dispensers of creams are often broken.

The brand has both fans and staunch opponents. The latter, for example, argue that cosmetics «Mirra Lux» is ineffective. And although harm from the cosmetics no, many consider unreasonable to spend money on drugs that will be useless.

All people are different, so it is not surprising that the makeup is not for everyone. Will be the effect of those or other means in a particular case, you know, probably only empirically.

Maria Bykova

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