косметика DiorConstant desire, Christian Dior was to make women more elegant. With this thought he invented for them dresses, created fragrances, and devised makeup. Today the energy of Home Dior fully aimed at innovation, with unique colors, textures, and flavors to evoke emotions. Perfume and cosmetics Dior enjoy enormous popularity. The spirit of Dior leads in search of Beauty, to fulfill the desires of the most sophisticated, sexy and elegant women.

Dior – perfume

Every woman is a sophisticated, sensual, natural or elegant, may find Dior your ideal fragrance.

Sometimes bold, sometimes floral aromas Dior always Express a certain state of mind and way of life. This charm, which always carries something seductive.

Colors and trends in make-up

косметика DiorRed is the color selected by Christian Dior in 1947, to revive the lips of every woman. Then Dior began to create Images» – the whole makeup palette, which changed every season. Every year a new collection offers a bold, creative and bright tones. With makeup of the house of Dior women can satisfy your desire to be even sexier than ever.

Innovation and care about customers

Light materials, unique moisturizing effect, revolutionary texture… To satisfy the most demanding women, 200 experts in every day work in the Dior Innovation Center, developing and improving their increasingly powerful.

The house of Dior – perfect mediator between women, beauty and science.

The house of Dior – expert in the world of beauty

косметика DiorMakeup inspired by fashion podiums, to advanced tools skin care and timeless fragrance, Christian Dior gave us some of the most luxury goods shop, which set the fashion trends. Magical combination of fashion and cosmetics not only attract celebrities, supermodels, and other women, but also provides home Dior’s reputation as one of the most consistently stylish beauty brands in the world.

Dior Fragrances

Perfume house Dior began its history with the release of spirits Miss Dior in 1947. In the history of perfume house of Christian Dior it is noteworthy that started its activity simultaneously with the fashion house Dior. This suggests the important role attached himself Christian Dior fragrance, as the last stroke in the image of a woman. It was very important, not only the scent, he also believed that the perfume should Express the same qualitative and creative way of thinking and his dress.

Fresh aromas Dior

Christian Dior loved the theme of freshness in their aromas, the exquisite freshness, which he had in all my creations of perfume. «We must create Miss Dior eau de Cologne», said Christian Dior in 1950 with the aim to offer a fresh, unique version of his first fragrance of a broader clientele. Couturier from Avenue Montaigne used the same approach to their aromas, with their fashionable collections. He created a more recent version of Miss Dior, Diorama and Diorissimo. And in 1953 appeared fragrance Eau Fraîche. The story continues J’adore L’eau, Floral Cologne, and so on.

Expert in the world of cosmetics

Christian Dior has always explored all around to find the «color spots, which will recover streets of tomorrow». It all began in 1954 with the lipstick, the timeless, which still is the epitome of understated elegance. Later Dior has released a whole palette makeup. Sometimes fine, sometimes natural, and always correct ourselves, women discovered the pleasure to play different shades. Today collections each season enriched by the diversity of new shades.

The team make-up of the Dior house

косметика DiorThe team make-up of the Dior house is an international team of passionate and talented artists in the field of make-up, carefully selected Dior for their unique sense of style and the highest level of skill. To bring the message of his brilliant, high-tech makeup, and discover its secrets and different facets, Dior gathered a team of international experts of the beauty of the ten outstanding artists. Passionately dedicated to their work, these artists devote their talent and experience to work with the house of Dior.

Dior and color

Color is a part of the very essence of the House of Dior. In 1955 Christian Dior released the first collection of lipstick, offering eight shades, from bright red to orange-red: Rouge Dior, now legendary product. Christian Dior himself coined the name of his new creation: Gris Dior (Dior Grey), Rouge Dior (Dior Red) and Rose Bonheur (Joyful Pink). For the famous couturier certain colors correspond to specific kinds of femininity.

Expert in skin care

косметика DiorSince its inception nearly 40 years ago, research Laboratory of Christian Dior is striving to raise their products to new heights, to meet the needs and desires of women around the world. That is why the Dior Innovation Center pays close attention to evaluation of its products, and visible result from the use of cosmetics is the key moment.

Gardens Dior

While true luxury we find in the creature, it is also based on a combination of precious raw materials with exceptional production technologies. That is why the Dior Innovation Center decided to concentrate their attention on unusual active ingredient United with advanced technologies. This resulted in the Gardens Dior. In the four corners of the planet, through its global network of scientists-nerds, Dior Innovation Center finds some plants, capable of performing certain biological task. The fruits of these studies: extract, luxury and is dosed nectars as active ingredients actually able to keep a youth and beauty.

Institute Dior

Thanks undeniable technological advances, Dior held strong position as the world leader in the fight against aging. The house of Dior strives to maintain this leadership, constantly raising their innovation to new heights. Today the Institute Dior developing a new generation of tools that provide the performance, at the same time, bringing pleasure from their utilization. Thanks to the work of the experts, Institute Dior responded to the desire of women to stay young.

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