косметика BourjoisThe world-famous cosmetics Bourjois is loved by many. It is valued for the quality and gorgeous color combination. But how did everything begin?



косметика BourjoisIn 1860 by French actor opened in Paris, a small shop where he began to sell cosmetics and perfumes. In 1869 the store bought Alexander Napoleon Bourgeois, and called him his name – Bourjois. In 1880, the co-owner of Bourjois became Emil Оросди, and in 1898 the business acquired Ernest Wertheimer – a man who had previously engaged in the production of perfumes, makeup and rice powder, which was a hit.

In 1890, the company Bourjois released the first dry blush, and in 1898, was published a catalog, which was more than seven hundred titles: powder, blush, eye shadow, varnishes, lipsticks, lotions hair and even special lipstick, with the help of which man could give his moustache of a desired shape.

In the 1910s was opened the first office in new York, at the same time had sold the first compact powder from Bourjois. Pierre and Paul Вертхаймеры, which started to manage the company in 1917, took a course on modern, dynamic style. At this time women have actively fought for their rights, and because they provided the cosmetic industry the bulk of revenues, had to adjust to the preferences of today’s women wishing to become strong and independent. Brothers Вертхаймеры decided to depart from the traditional flower smells, and in 1919 released fragrance «Mon Parfum», which was unusual for that time the idea: «my perfume is a reflection of my personality». However, the more famous was the flavor of «Soir de Paris» (an evening in Paris); it is the creation of Ernest Bo first appeared on sale in 1928. The smell, which combines amber, floral and spicy notes, instantly became popular. In 30th years of the XX century it was one of the first fragrances luxury affordable to the middle class. Today collectors are willing to pay big money for a bottle color of the night sky – even if you have nothing left.

Starting from the thirties of the company Bourjois released numerous different sets the theme of the famous «evening in Paris». In a dark blue boxes along with a few bottles of eau were shadows, powder, lipsticks; in 1958, it even took the set with a music box in which, of course, was cosmetics. Series «Soir de Paris» is still considered one of the most successful in the history of the company Bourjois.



косметика BourjoisThe first thing that comes to mind when talking about cosmetics Bourjois is color. Of course, any producer of decorative cosmetics pays great attention to the color, but the company Bourjois game with flowers able particularly well. This is seen both in commercials and posters, and in the design of packages, not to mention about the products. In various lines from Bourjois you can find anything from neutral tones to the brightest shades, for every taste and mood.

For example, the new collection «Summer on the Riviera» (Summer on the Riviera) – is a real ode color: ranging from packaging, reminding about the wet sand, the blue sea and the azure sky, and ending with the fact that hidden under them: bronzer creams, mascara, turquoise and bright blue (water-resistant, so that they can safely go on vacation), gloss lip rich and bright summer colors, with a sun-protection filters and lipsticks fashionable in this season of sea and sky shades. Liquid blush numerous tones have become one of the most anticipated products from Bourjois this summer. And in the spring of developers of the company ностальгировали the 1960s: in spring collection dominated vintage shades of pale blue, silver, yellow. Was obligatory for the time eyeliner – black, with which you can draw not yet gone into oblivion long arrows. Collection of last spring was the complete opposite – gentle, pastel and the soft glow. Each new collection of Bourjois is a new mood, a new dream, a new style and color; however, let’s not forget about another important factor:



косметика BourjoisThe company is known for the innovative approach to the production of cosmetics. It was the first so-called «double mascara» Coup de Theatre with effect of artificial lashes. The company name is associated and small round jars of shadows – instead of the usual sets from such a package woman can decide what combination of colors to buy.

In General, Bourjois love to experiment not only with flowers and concepts and formulations of cosmetics. For example, liquid Foundation, stimulates the production of collagen, has become quite an innovative product, though there be a hit she was not able to practice the claimed in advertising rejuvenating effect was almost unnoticeable. However, most of the production Bourjois copes with its tasks and, what is especially important, still it does not cause serious complaints about security. During production, Bourjois follow the prescriptions of the European Union regarding the quality cosmetics and regularly attract to the work of the independent experts. Before cosmetics Bourjois appears in shops, it is thoroughly tested in laboratory conditions and in the course of tests on animals and human volunteers. Maybe something will change after the EU banned the testing of cosmetics on animals, but so far the quality remains at a high level.

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