косметика КораCosmetics Russian production traditionally is in demand at one customers and not trusted by the other. This is less applicable to cosmetics «Kora» – brand, which for many years proves that not only foreign brands are able to produce effective hypoallergenic treatment and care products. Cosmetics «Bark is a sign of quality, tested by time and numerous satisfied покупательницами who trust the brand its beauty.

Brand «Kora» was founded in 1997 and since its appearance on the market of treatment-and-prophylactic cosmetics developers constantly demonstrated the effectiveness of its funds for both home and professional use. Today «Bark» is sold in pharmacies, special shops, stores of professional cosmetics, and most consumers pleases quality-price ratio. Products of this brand differs high efficiency, which are offered at low cost, making it more popular among women of different age groups and income levels.


The forces of nature in cosmetics

  • The use of medicinal plants

Due to the fact that the funds have a powerful фитотерапевтическим effect, restores the skin occurs due to natural intensify its internal reserves. The presence of large percent of plant extracts and essential oils, cosmetics that have a pronounced, but not aggressive influence on the epidermis.

  • The use of therapeutic mud

In cosmetic lines of «Bark» apply therapeutic mud of the salt and fresh water lakes, which enriches the tools minerals and oligoelements. Mineral makeup has effectiveness as a treatment for acne, and for the correction of age changes of a skin.



косметика КораThe biggest assortment has therapeutic cosmetic line «Bark». It includes a series for young, troubled, Mature, sensitive skin cleansers and deep moisturizing complexes care hair, hands, legs, lips, anti-cellulite creams, sunscreens, cosmetics for the shower and bath. Fans of aromatherapy delight funds for ароматифтинга, which included essential and vegetable oils with a wide spectrum of action.

Craftsmen working in beauty salons or providing private services should pay attention to the professional line New Line. This cosmetics, possessing a stylish black & white design, designed for application in the conditions of salon, and for home use. For professionals in the New Line has a good assortment of cosmetics for lifting, the tightening and smoothing the skin, anti-cellulite, dry and creamy mask, peptides-activators, cleansing lotions and tonics. Home line «Bark» New Line is the cosmetics to restore a youthful and daily care of skin types.

Sante – cosmetic line, including tools with wonderful scents, intended for hair care and the skin of the body. Shower gel «Orange morning» and «Chocolate night» relax and tempt delicious notes, cream mask with oil ostrich-EMU intensively restores hair and body gel with chili will help to relax your muscles and to warm up the skin.

Production of cosmetics «Kora» occurs in the own laboratory of the brand, the specialists of which have their own developments based on the latest scientific achievements. Innovative approach, careful selection of the active ingredients and complete production cycle can provide a full control over the quality of products which is maintained at a high level. An undeniable advantage of cosmetics is the inclusion of natural ingredients, the presence of which, on the one hand, provides a comprehensive treatment-and-prophylactic care of the skin, and on the other, does not allow funds to cause allergies. Very often cosmetic products with natural ingredients have high allergenicity of those or other components. Cosmetics «Bark» is perfectly suited to people with hypersensitive skin, which is always difficult to find the funds for care and treatment.

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