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Feedback about the basic hair care accumulated so much that had continued material Cosmetic Gossips: basic hair care. The editorial Board thanks all the participants involved in the creation of articles.


I always look for something new hair, it is of basic care. All sorts of покрасками, завивками, styling not fond of, so I’m not a specialist. My credo: washed it, ‘ and has gone (good quality of hair. My hair is normal, slightly below the shoulder blades, unpainted, direct (but, as it turned out, this is due to the length and severity of: once обстригла short, it turned out to be slightly curly:)

After many years of observing hair came to the conclusion that the funds should be changed periodically. Apparently, hair accustomed or myself get used to it, and want something new (we all the same girls: the prospect to buy a hundred liters of even the most good shampoo and wash them five years makes me depressed:)

I’ll write about those funds that have approached me over the last few years:

1) Tsubaki Damage Care by Shiseido shampoo and mask. This pair of use now. Nourishing mask, paint once a week after washing and after 10 minutes wash it off. A nice gentle smell. Really like effect: hair smooth, shiny, are not confused.

2) Nexxus – with this brand met when I lived in the States. From the last used Nexxus Therappe Ultimate Moisture Shampoo, before buying another Promend Daily shampoo and conditioner also liked. Although I remember using Therappe, found itself in a very humid climate, he quickly greasy hair.

3) Natura Sibirica was very surprised at the quality of these products for hair. Tried their cosmetics for face: I did. But the hair very much. Bought shampoo and balm for tired and weak hair and dry hair Protection and Nutrition (took my mother as a gift, but then tried). All funds liked very much: the hair Shine, wild!

4) I want to tell about the miracle cure Giovanni (Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor). The brand specializes in eco-cosmetics, means not contain parabens and SLS. I’m not a maniac natural cosmetics, buy only if you really work. This product works great! Sleek hair, appears Shine, easy combing and… important moment for the price he has no equal – cost a penny (order on the website iherb). Mostly use it as a mask, i.e., once a week. But, when I go to the sea, use it as an air-conditioned every day. No hacked brittle tips of the hair after sea and sun I have with him!

Now that is not fit for the last time. Funds Aveda. Very good read and heard about these means for the hair, but I really can. Bought Shampure shampoo and After-sun hair masque. Shampoo terribly dry scalp, even dandruff appeared, though he had never suffered it. The mask is also not liked: no effect, I can’t допользовать. Very sorry, because like the famous brand, smells wonderful, but my hair’t fit.

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Good day! Here are my basic means for the hair:
Shampoo and balm and Frizz-Ease® Straight Ahead®Style-Activating Daily Shampoо and Conditioner respectively. Hair become much more manageable and not so much пушатся and curl. Pulling irons them is still there, but the process is now faster.
Mask use once a week. The special effects I it do not see, but I really like how after using the smell of hair.
For tips use several tools. Subrina professional repair. curly hair straightener FRIZZAWAY № 5 and argan oil. Means of alternating on the mood. From пушения use Lee Staford. NEMA also Lee Staford. Comb Les compl.. Great to comb wet hair, not tearing them. Hair became much smaller электризоваться.
Like everything. Thanks for the post!

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What a great topic!

So, hair – fluffy and wavy, respectively, dry and require appropriate care.

Shampoos. I alternating shampoo with sulphates and without. With sulphates once a week, to get a better clean the hair before applying the mask, well and remove the remnants of silicone funds;)

Having tried a lot of things from mass market to organic, stopped at the JOICO. Now I use Joico Daily Care Treatment Shampoo for sensitive scalps. Безсульфатный shampoo too JOICO. Smooth Cure Sulfate Free Shampoo Series of dry curly frizzy hair. Both shampoo fulfill their basic function perfectly, the hair is dried and I am very happy with the result.

Conditioners-air-conditioning. They also two.

Joico Smooth Cure Sulfate Free Conditioner and Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan Conditioner.

Both conditioner furry curly hair. I couldn’t pick one, both are good, hair get enough moisture, smell nice, easy to comb, fluffy still there, but less.

Masks. At the moment, too, alternating 2 product.

Phyto Phytojoba intensive hydrating mask. Very happy with the result and pleasant-pleasant smell.

Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask. Mask Rahua – expensive experiment, but the result I am absolutely satisfied. The brand produces organic vegan expensive products oil hair Rahua. I am pleased that the mask is a good moisturizer for an organic product, and, well, the idea of using the tool, consisting only of natural nutrient ingredients)

Excellent mood.

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I am the owner of quite long (below the shoulder blades) and dry hair. The daily washing they do not need, so my hair every two to three days (required). The dryness of hair tried, probably, almost ALL! From the cheapest means, up to the most incredibly expensive. Focus on those well I “came”, and the normal price range.
Shampoo and cream mask “Numero” with oats. Very affordable price – about 12 USD per 1l of Smell, of course, specific)) but tolerable. After washing hair is nice, shiny, well-comb. Do not look at a pile of straw)
Shampoo and balm for dry hair “Natura Sibirica”
Start to use them I accidentally doing some order in the Internet shop and I lacked the goods, went to the minimum sum of the order. Here and decided to “get” шампуньками)) Absolutely low price – 12-13 USD for the shampoo and the balm (0.5). Why ordered these – it says that it’s supposedly organic cosmetics) decided to try. I don’t know how these funds are natural, but the result is more than a good – miracle, of course, did not happen and split ends are not stuck together, and hair strong and silky), but nevertheless, they look very well)
Another amazing feature of these funds for 2-3 day after washing your hair in such a state, as if I was their only morning washed!)) No fat at the roots, no сплетенности on the tips… I certainly did not set myself the objective of weeks did not wash a head))) just this result surprised me very much)). Well and oil for hair. A turn to buy two products, both quite common: BIO Traitement, Cristalli di Argan. Both are quite good. The hair is shiny, tips whitish. But the effect is kept for longer after the second (Cristalli di Argan).

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I am 14 years dye my hair blond. Yes, Yes, it is beautiful – not осветляю. To get a nice color without yellowness, even with the help of paint, had pretty hard. Naturally, was looking for and on store shelves and in salons. And finally found the favorite!! Paint “Igora”, hue 12-1. Natural hair, I have dark blonde, but this baby works wonders!! No yellowness, beautiful, and most importantly – natural color. And the hair does not look tow, as it happens)))
And to further enhance the effect of smoothness and add protection from the elements paint, add it miracle-oil Constants De Line. Bonus after colouring not on the hair, the smell of paint! Hair is very shiny!
Shampoos, like everyone here, tried a lot. Loved the series of natural cosmetics Fresh but for them to another town not very((((. Found in products Yves Rocher – without dyes, silicone-free, without this and that. Of course, it’s possible to write much, but I liked it. Hair after it a truly pure, soft, color does not tarnish and is not washed and even my colored hair does not require air conditioning!
To wet hair love to apply oil Garnier. It is very easy, it is therefore virtually impossible to overdo it. Smell nice. Of course, it doesn’t do miracles, and it has long been clear that against the split ends tool one – scissors, but a little sleeker. Yes and comb the hair with it easier. Once again tried butter Pantin with органой, but something has encouraged it to me. Here is how time with him you can “лишкануть” so, that they will have to again go head to wash. I only exclusively on the tips. But Garnier can all волосикам distribute, and there would be a small miracle!
Land the hair is extremely rare, so to speak, in an emergency situation. And if that happens, then be sure to put spray-protection With:)стьян. Most generally the best cosmetics for hair, in my opinion, but in our city, the prices exorbitant. So it turns out to buy something from case to case. From the popular media love broths hair from chamomile. Once a week is a must!! And on the weekend mask of burdock oil, pepper and a bit of olive, warm it up in микроволновочке, apply, in a bag or hat and walk as much as they want. Proven generations, that is the best mask for hair!!!
Just tried stabbing meso. Yes, it’s a prick… yeah injections… head… infernal Pain only in some places. Need ten injections every week. – Pierced… at least that. A friend saying that she just began to grow. And then never said… Apparently stopped. I had vitamins ass поколола, чессслово.
That’s all. Thank you for your attention.

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The hair I spend a lot of the time I try something new, because to me they are burned in the cabin magic procedure “bio-Perm”, whether it неладна…
My salvation keratin hair straightening everything else, literally, dead poultice.
So, натестировала I lot of things. Hair dyed, require washing on the 2nd day, the ends overdry.
Shampoos. Liked John Frieda brilliant brunette. From it there is a feeling of softness and purity. For those who like to hair creak of purity.
Of budgetary positive attitude towards Natura Siberica for coloured hair. But that’s friend seemed too launderer. Some of this effect. By the way, for me at he NS is not strongly expressed and I have my roots in 2 times. The length of not мылю completely, and so they lack the fact that the glass.
Did not like the Bonacure Schwarzkopf – could not wash their hair. But, again, what effect likes.Balms for me all the same, don’t see any reason to spend money on expensive balms.
Mask. Once the hair is damaged, especially when there is no effect from the keratin, I put my mask on all avoiding hair roots. Tried different, best Natura Siberica moisturizing (in a bucket, itself mask blue colour). Really good moisturizes hair, after that a mask they become soft. I will recommend to anyone who is looking exactly for this effect. * Natura Sibirica also good. Nourishes hair, softens. The mask I put pressed hair after washing, hold 2-3 minutes. If you have time then put the cap on and go for 15 minutes.
Indelible tools. What I tried… When their were good hair, actively enjoyed spray Pantine pro-v to Shine. Now could not find the right picture, maybe just had a redesign. Noticeable hair was when I was with him and when without it. Natural beautiful Shine.
Funds for split ends. Here I have a large Arsenal. If it takes that kind of prevention, for me mast have Bonacure Schwarzkopf. When I just painted drying her hair with a Hairdryer, then this tool saved me, problems with the tips were not. But when I burned the hair, does not help either-che! Seal all these things Loreal etc. are not sealed. Cans-phials split and sprays несмываемых I have a whole platoon!
Now, given the fact that hair is too dry, care of I is: (done кератинирование) shampoo Natura Siberica with sea-buckthorn. Mask NS with sea-buckthorn. After washing sea-buckthorn complex oils Natura Sibirica (one tool so called) very easy, not жирнит. For tips alternating Bonacure and Green line Sparkling crystals. When after a dream to be combed confusion, daubing places where nodules on the hair Extraordinary ))) oil ELSEVE (запаааах!). Too quickly absorbed, no oily effect. Now, on the type of hair look very nice!

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Good day! My mini-review.
Describe their hair just above blades, dyed, in January done bio waving, and my and without that weak hair had hard times, split ends, very dry hair is all about them. But what about the thing never regret, I really was, was a good amount, and kept it for more than six months. All this time was shampoo Локситан, called Shampoo, I really liked, and it was enough for a long time.
Then I ordered with iherb.com (thanks сплетницам) shampoo Avalon Organics, Biotin B-Complex Therapy.

Shampoo good, smell the wonderful, just dry your hair, but air conditioning Dove excellently copes. There I ordered coconut oil and jojoba oil I have rarely (repent), so we definitely advise I can’t. By the way, even after the air conditioner опрыскиваю tips Serum (that’s the exact name of the manufacturer’t remember, but I think the composition, they are all alike), after hair generally soft, soft and easy to comb. In General who have similar problems – I advise.

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Well, a bit of me)))

I am the owner of dense (in the first place! when not болеюL), fatty (my every day), thick, straight, dyed hair. Previously enjoyed, and wildly loved mark Alterna, I still love her, but suspended. Why? All of it is notorious silicones or just a hair accustomed…. eventually need to change the care, so to speak, wash their hair and give some rest)) as something like that on my professional opinion. I have repeatedly made such breaks, and now just change the Alternative, the other shampoos and balsams. Very like the products customers Айхерб and Витакост and others will Not give a hand to bet))), that everything in the natural, but I like it. So, what I’m using now?

Shampoos: Giovanni 2chicTM Ultra-Sleek Shampoo with Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil,

EO Essential Oil Products Clarifying Shampoo Sweet Orange,

Nature s Gate Shampoo Mandarin Orange and Patchouli

Air conditioners: Giovanni 2chicTM Ultra-Sleek Conditioner with Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil, Pharmacopia Conditioner Verbena and Green Tea,

Avalon Organics Thickening Conditioner Biotin B-Complex Therapy

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Girls, so I decided to share beauty “секретиками”. And all I read other people’s, it’s about time their share:) the Theme of our cosmetic Basic hair care”. I gathered all her tools that I use regularly, alternating with each other. About myself: hair of medium length, straight, brown (chock), quickly жирнятся at the roots. Currently grow a bad colour.
Let’s start with the shampoo and balsam. At me it is simple and banal: it Syoss for coloured hair. I know that there’s a wretched Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), therefore in the near future I plan to go on organic methods. Can someone tells you something good? 🙂
To give ashen hue my mottled hair I use Shine shampoo OTIUM Pearl for cold blonde from Estel Professional. Cope it with the task at ur, the main thing is not to overdo it 🙂 With the same purpose use conditioning balm from John Frieda line of SHEER BLONDE. It really brightens the hair on one tone(checked by myself).
By the way, about the purposes and air conditioners. I have a couple of favorites.
This KERATIN BALM KAPOUS SERIES «MAGIC KERATIN» and Hair balm Treasures of Sri Lanka from Organic Shop.
Girl, I want to recommend a nourishing mask CUREX CLASSIC from Estel Professional.
This is my absolute mast Kev and fondling. Be sure to do this mask at least once a week. Hair after it soft, obedient and silky! If to speak about my mast хэвах, is, undoubtedly,a BC Bonacure Oil Miracle for fine and coarse hair of the line Schwarzkopf Professional. Initially I tried this miracle-means at a friends house, and then she gave me his birthday. As it is stated by the manufacturer, is the mask-oil is used for final treatment of the hair. Oil smoothes the hair surface and gives them an intense brilliance. Endorse every word and sing it especially praises 🙂 my basic care are the tools that I use as needed and as my hair.
This Biphasic lotion with keratin RECOVERY AND SHINE FROM the COMPANY VITEX and also serum against hair loss REVIVOR. The first really helped me during the holidays. Hair in the overseas water became very stiff and ill расчесывались and two-phase lotion made them soft and manageable.
Here, perhaps, with all the basic tools that are constantly present in my hair care. I will be glad to overhear something of Gossips 🙂

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