коррекция ногтейNo limit to perfection – this simple slogan guided by women who regularly visit beauty salons, in particular, masters of manicure. And what passions ignite worth only girl break a nail, who for so long растился independently or found its length with the help of a specialist. Correction nail, natural or artificial – popular service in the price list of modern beauty salons. Women want to look great to the ends of the nails, and this means that these tips have to be perfect always.

Correction of the nails may be conducted independently, but only if they are natural. Any girl can superficial repair the image of the broken nail plate, but even in this case, many people prefer to immediately go to beauty. It is easily explained, because the correction is available, not takes time and is costly, unlike full-time and long-term nail care procedures or nail art. Correction of the available natural and artificial or нарощенным nails. In the second case, a visit to the master is needed because the independent work here.


Correction natural nails

Adjust the shape and condition of natural nails can be a variety of ways. First, of course, the master works over the shape of nails nail file, giving them the desired shape. Correction of the form need many girls who have troubles in determining appropriate to them aesthetically pleasing form. Others want to follow all the vagaries of fashion, so are asked to make their home plate more pointed, round or square. The master can give shape to the one demonstrated girl simple procedure of maintaining these shapes.

Another option correction natural nails – alignment of their relief. The nails from the nature of or in connection with those or other diseases or mechanical injuries may suffer from a lack of smoothness. Their surface is appears longitudinal grooves, dimples, which are combined with white spots and absence of natural Shine. With these nails problematic to make a beautiful manicures, because the defect cannot hide even under a layer of varnish. The wizard will complete the procedure regeneration of the nail, first polishing plate, then covering it with enamel whether other cosmetic products, forming a new flat surface, flat and smooth. Correction natural nails is not performed very often, to avoid critical thinning of the plate. To the following correction wait until the entire grows back the entire nail.


Correction of artificial nails

Adjust artificial nails, obtained by blending of synthetic modeling material (gel or acrylic), need for several reasons. Some of them forced – happened injury to the nail, it is cracked or отломился, it takes an ambulance. Another type of correction – supporting. Nails will inevitably grow. Someone may be fast or slow, but once every two to four weeks are the owner of a brand new beautiful nails must pass a compulsory procedure of correction, at which the modeling material if necessary, will be completed on regrown areas, nails will be re-sealed and protected from the harmful effects of the environment on the ground (in fact – Nude) surface. Often after a short time after the building is a woman understands that the new length or shape for her uncomfortable, so it is correct to find a more comfortable style.

The most frequent type of compensation is performance nail if they отслоились that often occurs at the Amateur and inexperienced masters while building on tips inappropriate forms.

Any correction implies disinfection of hands with a special composition, the removal of the lacquer coating and about two-thirds of the thickness of the modeling material of stress (middle) area of the nail plate. The complexity of removal depends on the used material: acrylic easily removed by dissolving compounds, gel have to file away. Then the surface of the artificial nail growing again.

The cost of the correction procedure of artificial nails depends on volume of work. Sometimes it may be close to the cost of full capacity, which actually have to be repeated.

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