You can imagine a house with no air conditioning or coffee, but without the hob will only ignite the fire in the kitchen or to do the raw food diet. But such sacrifices are ready to go not every host, but because the presence of the working surface for cooking is objectively necessary. How to choose the panel? Which is better: electric or gas?

On that first of all you need to pay attention

If earlier in the course were predominantly solid plate, includes burners, and oven (wind or electric), then today is gaining popularity built-in appliances. With it, there are fewer issues in the design of the kitchen in the same style — a free-standing oven can be difficult to “fit” in the interior, while the top and the oven can be purchased separately, or replace the latter by another device.

Key features of cooktops

Most importantly, what is the difference between the hob — their width and the number of burners. Most often on the market there are two standard 45 and 60 cm Choice depends on the size of the kitchen; in the case of the limited living space should look to the smaller plate. Also, remember that embedded surfaces require themselves under the kitchen table of certain size.

The second important parameter is the type used in the heating element, what should be emphasized.

Heating element type

Depending on the heat source of the hob are electric and gas, each with its own characteristics. Modern gas hob connected to the gas pipeline or tank and recharge from the mains — doesn’t require matches to ignite the burners, just need to crank the handle. Gas burners heat up instantly to the desired temperature and cool down quickly when switched off, so that the water stops boiling.

The demand of the buyer gaining the cookers, which cost no gas and more automated. So, you can set the timer on the burners off and quietly do other things while on fire fried eggs. A special kind of electric induction cookers work with special dishes, with less loss of energy.

The nuances of control and connection

The modern cooktops are increasingly common push-button control or touch screen. Just a few swipes of fingers to assign the desired task. But still popular budget models with mechanical knobs; however, they need to be careful because of the propensity of regulators to breakdown.

The gas panel cannot be connected without the knowledge of the officers of the gas, since it is a very dangerous operation, and it is better to entrust it to a professional. As for cookers, in addition to mounting in the countertop, be sure to connect it to the network so that the socket could not get water.

Work surface material

In the manufacture of cooking surfaces uses a few basic materials: aluminum, stainless steel, glass ceramic. The differences between them in strength, ease of cleaning and tendency to damage.

  • Aluminum panels are cheaper to produce and therefore cost less, but stronger scratched; do not RUB the materials with high abrasive properties.
  • Stainless steel and stylish looks, complementing the “metal” interior of the kitchen, and very durable. But to save a decent view of her need regular maintenance, otherwise it loses its luster. Also on the stainless steel of poor quality there are traces from fingers.
  • Glass just looks sleeker and is more expensive. That’s just with him to be overly cautious — strong strikes can cause cracks, and the flat surface leads to the spreading of the liquids, poured through the edge of the dish.

A selection of cooktops from different materials under customer’s preference can be found on this website.

The design and number of burners

The number of burners that you want to target buying depends on the size of the family. So, for 4-6 people is best suited to the surface with 4 burners, while a young couple may be enough, and 2-3. There are a configuration with five and even six burners. Becoming popular WOK burner with multiple heat circuits, making it possible to cook large volumes of food in a special dish, though faster than normal. Lineup of cooktops from Mounfield is about 100 items. Why buy cooking surface Maunfeld?

Trust the proven brands!

Maunfeld one of the leaders in sales of household appliances in English, with official representatives in a number of countries, including and Russia. The company works exclusively with reliable suppliers of components. Choosing cooktops Maunfeld, you will see the benefits, besides the aesthetic (amazing design), and practical (ease of use, great features).

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