Many people, for various reasons, cannot or do not want to wear glasses, especially the youth. There are contact lenses. It is very important that they are more qualitatively cope with the problem of correction of sight. To find the most comfortable lenses for you, it will not suffice to read the reviews on the Internet, it is necessary to approach to a choice of very responsibly. To do this better to ask an experienced ophthalmologist, he will write you a prescription, and you can go to any optics. In the future will need to periodically change contact lenses online store will offer a lot of options for your purchase.

Применение контактных линзLens perfectly correct the vision at astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia. Visual acuity at their use is significantly higher than in glasses, thanks to the close contacts with the eyeball. It allows to expand a scoping vision and remove the dependence on the weather conditions. They are a godsend when the glasses apply impossible (dancers, divers, drivers, or athletes). And if there is a large gap in the visual acuity of the right and left eyes. Modern models may have an optical range -20 to +20 d, also sold toric lenses to compensate for astigmatism. People wishing to change their image available lens color with a huge variety of shades and shape of the eyeball.


Классификация линзContact lenses are divided into several groups, depending on the time of wearing – traditional (from six months to a year), one-day, quarterly and others; from material – hard or soft; mode-wearing – permanent (can be worn without removing) or day (necessarily removed at night). And they differ in design manufacture – molded aspherical (with improved optical qualities, and spherical (usual), multifocal (there are zones with different optical properties), toric (used for astigmatism), therapeutic (used for temporary protection of the eyes after surgery), colored or carnival lenses allow you to change eye color and add various optical effects).

Lenses are easy to use needs a bit of exercise, and even a little child can wear them myself. Feature is only gradually getting used to wear in order to avoid irritation. When various symptoms of irritation and discomfort, you should immediately visit an ophthalmologist, and stop wearing them. Also should not forget at least once a year to go on the scheduled inspections to the doctor.

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