The room in which the child spends most of the time resting, sleeping, playing, doing homework) undoubtedly affects his behavior and personal life. To create a favorable atmosphere in the child will help the Chinese art of harmonious life – Feng Shui. The popularity of this teaching is very high now, because it allows to maintain good health and health.

Расположение детскойWill be very good if your child’s room will be located as close as possible to the front door, preferably in Eastern side, which symbolizes the development, growth, and new beginnings. Feng Shui recommends to divide the room into a working, playing and sleeping areas. Table needs to be set so that the kid saw the front door. And he is comfortable stay at your workplace, you can buy chair, adjustable height, which promotes correct formation of posture and prevents the formation of scoliosis.

For the organization of a berth should arrange furniture so that it has not been an obstacle for the entrance of positive energy. Bed is the place to put headboard to the wall, bedside tables should be not above the bed because it can affect sleep and health of the child. Chandeliers, ceiling structures, lockers over the bed inhibit the growth and development of your child.

Tulles and curtains should be light, light, well skip the natural sunlight. The room is not dark corners (there is accumulated negative energy), so to achieve uniform illumination using lamps and sconces.

Цвет детскойAs for color child, it should take into account the psychological characteristics of the child. If it is excessively active, hard to sleep, then in this case it is best to use colors calming effect on the nervous system is shades of blue, green, light brown. And when Your baby is very calm, passive, then the interior of the room you can fill bright exciting colors, but in moderation.

According to the laws of Feng Shui, each house shall be the plant room. Therefore, in the children’s room be sure to find a place for colors like: chrysanthemum (able to protect the child from the evil eye), cyclamen (his energy encourages the child to be creative and cooperative work), jade (has a calming effect, develops diligence), fern (perfect stress reliever). But this is not the only plants that are beneficial to the human condition.

Following that will create a pleasant atmosphere in the children’s photos with a joyful countenance, positive paintings, posters, pictures.

Maintain the cleanliness of the room, often ventilate it, and accustom to the order of the child. Dispose of old unnecessary things, so they left the road with a new one. Also try in time to get rid of the broken items, they accumulate negative energy, which is bad for the health.

Перестановка в детскойCreate a favorable environment in the child can be without significant financial cost is enough to rearrange the furniture, paint the walls, get rid of unnecessary things. And if You decide to radically change the style of the room, be sure to note the desire of the child, give him the opportunity to choose a suitable set of children’s furniture (for Example, on this website, various accessories and interior items. This is an interesting exercise will love the kid, so it will be much more pleasant to spend time in her room.

To send the child in the right direction, it should not only arrange his room, but also take active part in his life, interested in how he’s doing in school, in the section to confide in anyone, to visit theatres, museums, go for a walk, grow a kind and happy person.

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