Конкурс на SPLETNIK.RU: кто идет на Гамлета

C November 28, 2013 and 9 February 2014 in the “Gogol-centre” will be held the demonstration of performance “hamlet” directed by David bean. The main roles are played by Arthur Бесчастный, Irina Vybornova, Philip Avdeev, Svetlana Мамрешева, Ilya Romashko. Yesterday we played five pairs of tickets, and today are ready to give the names of the winners. So, on the performance of David bean will: Tatiana S., Olga E., Zoya With, Julia N., Margarita P.

Information about how to collect the tickets will be sent to you by mail! Congratulations!

And for those who participated, but defeated, we give the correct answers to the questions:

Director of the performance, David bean already worked with actors of “the Seventh Studio” by Kirill Serebrennikov. What performances he made with them?

“Fairies” (MKHAT named. A. P. Chekhov) and “Metamorphoses”.

What a performance by Kirill Serebrennikov was played by the famous actor Alexei Девотченко, in “hamlet” playing the role of Polonium?

“Zoyka’s flat”.

What the account premiere in the Big hall of the “Gogol-center” will become “hamlet”?


For the actor Philip Avdeeva hamlet – third main role. In any performances he also plays the main characters?

“Scumbags” (Grisha), “Mitina Lubov” (Mitya).

When was opened the “Gogol-centre”?

2 February 2013.

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