разноцветный дизайн ногтей фотоThis season popular as ever colorful nail design. Variants of its creation, there are so many, the main thing is to choose the one that suits your mood and style.

разноцветный дизайн фото

Begin, perhaps, with multicoloured jacket, photo which is presented below. Different colours or just colored smile – only you can decide.

разноцветный ногти фото

Especially popular manicure with color transition. To create it use a sponge and 2-3 nail Polish colors. Especially popular combination of turquoise with different colors, such as blue. Actual use of blue and pink colors.

цветный ногти фото

Eternal combination of black and red colors.

For the daring girls a good manicure using the most exciting and unusual flowers.

цветной маникюр фото

A quieter option is limited to two colors. Looks nice combination of a summer green and yellow.

With orange can also create juicy masterpiece for a bright holiday on the beach.

арбузный маникюр фото

Even more unusual looks’s such a colorful nail design, made on the basis of white or cream colored.

розово-телесный цветной маникюр фото

For the application of neat points you can use the English pin inserted into the tip of a pencil with an eraser.

цветный дизайн фото

«Растрескавшийся» manicure can be created using a special varnish or ordinary plastic of the grid. In black he looks most effectively.

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