Modern teenagers dressed according to the principle of to get noticed in the crowd, stand out and not be like everyone else. So boys and girls have dyed hair in bright colors, wear weird clothes, to some extent, the choice of clothes to the Teens – it’s agony for parents. Most psychologists claim that we should not put pressure on children and should be able to dress as they like. The presence of the desire to Express themselves, some reflected in studies or sports, and other “rip” clothing.

The basis of modern teen style is a large number of different fashion trends or the desire to emulate their idols. Often teenagers like rockers, emo or ready, trying to uncover their internal problems through clothing.

“Trash” — unknown subculture, which is reflected in garish colors, extravagant hair and makeup. Closet consists of a metal and plastic jewelry, bright tights, t-shirts with cartoon images. The main goal is the expression of individuality through the prism of the clothing, following your own taste.

Many teenagers follow the style “hipster”. The basis of the wardrobe included vintage or self-made things, skinny jeans and pants, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts. The basic rule – animal prints, inscriptions, images of cities and flags. A necessary element of shoes of the brand “converse”, which you can buy here, and accessories in the form of bright patches, colored leggings and tights, and a chunky jewelry.

The “kawaii”style is similar to the “vanilla” theme. Closet is gray and consists of sweaters, a length close to the knees, dark jeans, bright skirts that will be worn on top of sweaters and skirts. A feature of the style – the abundance of lace on the collars, cuffs and other elements. Kawai started Dating in clothes and boys. This style implies an unwillingness to accept the world with its complex situations and therefore it is the art of not growing up.

Not to mention the styles, currently when sewing regular clothes for teenagers designers pay great attention to a solid colored fabric that represents new fashion trend.

In the process of growing adolescents have formed their own taste preferences, and some continue to follow the advice of parents or friends. Often there are situations when a child’s desire not in contact with the admissibility of the family budget, you should explain to your teenager what to dress with taste does not mean buying expensive things.

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