If you are a responsible person and make sure that your pet was always comfortable, then you probably had occasion to wonder to us how to choose the right clothes for your dog. It is necessary to inexpensive clothing for small dogs was easy, free, with a suitable cut. No need to dress your pet in a ridiculous colors and styles, is it not decorate.

Облегающая одежда на собакеSome women believe that the tight outfits look on their Pets as well as their own. This is deeply misleading, because the clothes should not hamper the movements. The dog will remind sausage, barely умещающуюся within close attire. It will attempt to drag him from himself, but in the end only скатает it in the accordion. In others, this pattern will likely sympathy and compassion, rather than affection. Clothing must meet several criteria to be, besides everything else, and useful means of protection against cold and moisture.

Rules of selection of clothing for small dogs

Tell, what to look for when buying:

  • First of all take care about the comfort. Pay attention not only on fashionable colours and cuts service, but also on the practical value of the ticket;
  • Remember about the style. Choose the colors of the dresses carefully, otherwise your dog is in danger of becoming a multi-coloured parrot;
  • If a pet is clearly unhappy outfit whined, trying to pull themselves, no need to put pressure on him and try to insist on his own. Try a different thing, or at least come to the shop again: maybe your pet today not in the mood for shopping. Clothes and quietly wait for you till tomorrow;
  • If you do nothing could maybe get sew clothes to order;
  • Knitted sweaters are not suitable for all breeds. For example, the Yorkshire Terrier can cause irritation of the skin;
  • If the clothes dumped or, on the contrary, hanging bag on your pet, then immediately to give up on it – do not create inconvenience to yourself and your dog.

Dog clothes is not just a tribute to fashion, but a daily necessity in the cold season. Do not deny your pet in the small pleasures, then he will delight you in response. Besides the wide assortment of modern Internet shopping and the best prices on things for four-legged darlings contribute to the fact that buy them may each owner.

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