классические короткие женские стрижкиA classic is something that is time-tested, stored as inviolable canons, which keep coming back to for inspiration. In the world of hairdressing art, as in many other areas of fashion, there are basic form, the presence of which due to their versatility and ease, for example, classic short women’s haircuts. These categories are not one decade serve as the basis for creating a variety of other haircuts and styling, that a woman can implement yourself. The master’s cause in this case, the – pick up to her face, body type and lifestyle the most suitable shape and teach the basics of hair styling.


Such different short hairstyles

Short haircuts – a classic in itself, as long hair, being the value of another nature. The first is convenience, not possessed by the latter, but cutting off the hair is very short, the girl loses neither feminine nor romantic flair, familiar to her style. Classic short women’s haircut can be a naughty boy, so refined and elegant. The final result depends on the professionalism of the hairdresser, who is not deprived of the volume of a woman with a curvaceous body, from her, ready or not ready for daily laying, wash the head and visit the beauty salon is sometimes not less than once in two weeks. If hair cut very short and has the original complex form, it is necessary to maintain her regular correction, because even one отросший centimeter can change it in a better way.

Scheme classic short women’s haircuts will not be the same for all, but most of the lines are very similar. The basis of any short haircuts except for extreme form of pixie, volume, centered in the upper part, smoothly distributed on top, covering the occipital area. The degree of raising hairstyles on top, depth calibration on tips or throughout the mass hair, length, shape and study bangs depend on many factors. The main ones here are, first of all, hair type and form of the head, in fact, the same haircut will look different in women with dense and dense and sparse fine hair. Classic short women’s haircut, a scheme which involves the same length of hair throughout the area of the head, without recourse to the lengthening and the structuring of the individual zones, always requires the ideal form of the head, like a perfect condition of the skin.

There are women who are brave enough to refuse length principle. Classic short haircuts for women, who are attracted to masculine style, suitable for both business lady and romantic persons who are confident enough in her power to not manipulate with the help of long hair. This may be ultra short pixie form with slightly elevated bangs, if brow low and receding, or with elongated form, if he is tall and requires visual correction. Version of the eighties, when the total length hair remained short and long were the region of the forehead and the back of her neck, gradually came back into fashion, becoming very actual for youth.

«Cap» – the classic short haircut, which became the starting point for a huge number of styles in the art of hairdressing. The basis hairstyles – volume form on top, haircut like sitting elegant hat, sometimes covering her ears, sometimes rising above. In modern fashion cap remains a basic version of the men’s haircuts for women, for which the hair grows long, thanks to which revealed the potential of this haircut. Diversify «hat» may bangs, long and very short, straight and oblique, clearance of cervical, accurate smooth or with a repetition of the form pixie with «feathers». If a person is large, not fully open the side, ears better cover, allowing the hair to move to the face, a little concealing his fullness.


Laying of short haircuts

Any classic hairstyles for short hair always require the attention of the master on the color, depth and willingness shades combined with the build and shape of the face. If the hair of the women naturally thin, barely holding newfound form, detailing specific forms of qualitative graduation with varying shades throughout the mass, even if hair cut very short. It will be easier to style need a little Moussa or lipstick to give texture – hairstyle will keep in shape during the whole day and hair look dull and tired.

If your hair is quite heavy, you should also pay attention to the basis. Classic short women’s haircuts without elaboration with «ощипыванием» length required to hairstyle was not flat and бесхарактерной. Graduation, trimming always easier styling thick hair it can be avoided if you are going to wear long elegant «cap» and want to attract attention to the beauty and radiance of the hair.

Refusal from small order in favor of straight lines is a reference to a bean-caret in its different variations. The classic short haircut caret length from the upper tip of the ear to chin require a good shape of the face. If features are in need of visual correction, haircut Bob Hoffman in to conceal the shortcomings. This can be done oblique bangs, torn, or direct, correct length of the zone crown for visual extension of the face and simultaneously provide volume faithful колорированием, with the inclusion of lightened or darkened the order with the selection of a colour of цветотипу for a spectacular transformation.

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