Toys Фишерпрайс first appeared in 1930 on the American market. The creators of the brand became friends, Fischer, H. and I. Shelley Правйс. They have focused on the production of goods for children of high quality. Himself Fischer had little experience in manufacture and realization of games for children, others have an idea about this industry very vague. But for each one of the founders of the famous to the world today the brand was a passionate desire to make a real revolution and give children toys, which they could previously only dream. A significant role in the appearance of a new kind of toys on the market played a great enthusiasm of the Fisher and his faith in the mandatory success of the company.

Яркие и веселые игрушкиThe first toys Fischer, and all subsequent, were very cheerful, bright, and always functional. Unlike static toys, which then produced almost everywhere. Toys Fisher had to bring in the life of the baby useful and new, to surprise him and capture the imagination. Even 80 years ago, they had a lot of bizarre and amazing details that have become the hallmark of the company.

Pretty soon company Fisher price gained popularity and love of consumers, having survived even the times of a Global Depression. In the 1950s, for the production of products was used plastic. Now they not only live in appearance, but also durable, and by the early 1960s the company offered to customers about 40 types of toys from durable, high quality materials, which can be painted in different colors. And today the major range of products of companies is made of plastic: always brightly colored and resistant to damage.

Фишер прайс для дошкольниковIn the early 1990s the company Fischer became fully independent and перепрофилировалась on manufacture of toys for preschoolers. For this purpose was established’s even a special laboratory, which became involved in the development of new models. Here is, game room and separate rooms for kids regularly organized numerous interesting workshops. Such enthusiasm has resulted in the markets appeared many laptops for kids, «smart» electronic animals, toy telephones and even developing mats. As a material in the production process was used not only plastics but also bright natural fabric, which is especially convenient when playing with the kids.

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