Новогодние подарки на любой вкус (часть 2)

SPLETNIK.RU continues to tell about the most interesting, unusual and just cool gifts for New year. Take the time to please themselves beloved, their friends and relatives, because, to accept, memorable gift – hundred percent guarantee of success in the coming year.

The most fragrant gifts we have found the beloved brand Dior. All the sound of the iconic fragrance J’adore Eau de Parfum embodied in the hip pocket spray with replaceable unit. Precious object, you can easily put it in her handbag, so you always have a favorite flavor at hand.

J’adore L’or is an ode to the finest of materials, sensual and balanced fragrance created by a harmonious combination of several floral absolue: absolue May rose and Jasmine from Grasse. Delicately mixed with the rare ingredients, absolue Indian tuberose and Tahitian vanilla reveal their most seductive Oriental notes, enveloping floral notes in voluptuous languor.

Perfumed body lotion J’adore is a lightweight emulsion with a light aroma and velvety texture, rich cotton nectar and extract Jasmine flowers. Hydrates the skin and makes it a festive lights.  


Precious stones, gold, dragons, fire, fashionable East style… What happens if you combine all these together? Without a doubt, Circulos de Fuego – famous collection of the jewellery house Carrera y Carrera. Stunningly beautiful Chinese style Baroque will impress a girl. And play stones under the Christmas lights!


Amethyst, rose quartz, emeralds, rubies — the Eastern fairy tale comes to life in the works of jewelry art.


One of the most sought after gifts on the New year – jewelry masterpieces from the Austrian brand Freywille: in 18K gold, diamonds and colored enamel. Rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings in this version deprived of the gift of speech.


Chain stores APM Monaco – collectible accessories made of gold, silver, diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones. The range is constantly updated: following the fashion trends, mark each month creates a new collection of jewelry, and she immediately transferred to the shops.

APM Monaco

Magic rings, chains and pendants are literally covered with a myriad of precious stones, and highly unusual jewelry design makes them indispensable accessories in the box every fashionista. No words! And why should they? Better hint beloved, that want that kind of thing…

APM Monaco

Cute, tender and very beautiful figurines of crystals Swarovski simply can not bring happiness to your friends and relatives. We fell in love in the new year bear with a red cap and a bell.


These accessories from Swarovski is gift to yourself – cocktail ring with white stones and white-pink please check with your maiden in the form of a Bunny with crystals and retro-заштопками. And of course, a strict watch in men’s style with a large silver – very useful gift.


Mittens – a winter gift for the New year. Stylish mittens – the best gift for your pens, which will be nice and warm in the severe winter. Neutral grey colors balanced by rich decor with a scattering of rhinestones and the company logo.


Luxurious accessory from Maestro Karl Lagerfeld – biker gloves without fingers color of ripe blueberries, decorated with shining purple crystals. A real piece of high fashion! And who would refuse such a gift? If you dare, send it to SPLETNIK.RU we accept with gratitude.

Karl Lagerfeld

Bright juicy handbags from Braccialini сразили edition of on the spot! Great gifts for stylish lady’s spectacular handbags brushed and patent leather red, bilberry and pink color. In addition, gold fittings combine with rich shades. And the tassel on the pink клатче – just a sight for sore eyes. Not a gift, it’s a dream for every young lady!



Very beautiful and fashion mittens with colored fur we found the brand Fabi. Remember that the main thing is to mix the most juicy colors with each other. So another accessory with raspberry fur would be very handy! Plus, notice the elegant shawl with ornate patterns.


Great gift for yourself beloved – sensual lingerie from Etam. Just look at the lace babydolls, panties and bras! The present ceremonial underwear for the main night of the year.


Merry, cute and extremely comfortable clothes for the house of Etam will give the magnificent atmosphere of warmth, comfort and kindness to all winter holidays. We are delighted with the funny cat hood and пингвинчика with antlers on a sweater. Of course, note the main trend of the season – Scottish tartan at home pants!


Back in town here comes the night… No, the mafia does not Wake up – Wake up you and your beloved. That you are wearing? Correct linen, of course: rhinestones, lace, sexual color and transparent inserts from the brand La Senza will make not only a holiday of new year’s eve, but actually of any, when you are wearing such sexy stuff.

La Senza

The best gift for your man – cover-reader CoverReader from PocketBook for smartphone. This unusual gadget for reading does not have its own memory, processor and battery. In fact, this is a combination of the back cover, which replaces the standard cover a smartphone and a screen, which is fed from the USB port.


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