Кристиан Слейтер женился на Бриттани Лопес

Christian Slater on Monday issued a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Brittany Lopez. 44-year-old actor and his girlfriend while not manifested any celebrations, and just got married in the district court of the town of coral Gables, Florida.

The pair went without wedding dresses and professional photo: single image with the marriage ceremony has done for them employee of the court. It is yet unknown whether the couple celebrate a happy event in a more festive atmosphere.

Slater, which, by the way, People magazine has recently included in a list of the most sexual men of the planet, is now busy with the shooting of “mind Games” in Chicago, therefore spends a lot of time in separation from Brittany, living in Florida.

For an actor is the second marriage: from 2000 to 2006, he was married to model Ryan Haddon, who bore him two children.

Soon Christian can be seen on the big screen in a new film by Lars von Trier “Nymphomaniac”.

Кристиан Слейтер и Бриттани Лопес
Christian Slater and Brittany Lopez wedding photo

Кристиан Слейтер
Christian Slater

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