Крис Хемсворт худеет для нового фильма

For his previous project Tor: the Kingdom of darkness” Chris Hemsworth got about nine pounds of muscle mass, but be in the form of his muscular hero actor to be short. Now Hemsworth busy on the set of new film ‘ In the heart of the sea”, for which he has to sit on a strict diet.

30-year-old actor visited on a TV show Jimmy Киммела, where he spoke about the project Director Ron Howard and their efforts to:

This film based on a true story, вдохновившей Herman Melville’s writing a novel “Moby dick”. Whale ship is wrecked after the attack China. The crew saved on a small raft, on which drifts within 90 days. In General, they are on the verge of death, they start to eat each other… it’s Such a romantic Comedy!

In order to be similar to those suffering from hunger, had to throw off the weight Хемсворту, but also of other actors:

We must be very thin, so we have to use 500-600 calories per day. It’s very funny: 15 healthy guys playing seafarers, sitting down and talking about counting calories and about what can be and what cannot.

According to Chris, the hunger strike is given to him is not easy:

What is 600 calories? This may be one milkshake. So sometimes I have to do a couple of salads, a small amount of protein and going to bed hungry. Then begins the period of fasting, when you don’t eat 15 hours, and then you start eating multiple times a day in small portions.

However, as in all losing weight, occur at the actor and “breakdowns”. On the show, he confessed:

Now I’m in a good mood. Just a bite to eat pizza, ate only ten pieces. But it only happens once a week, and then comes a feeling of guilt.

Cost whether the result of such suffering – know when the movie will be released on screens. The date of the premiere has been given yet, but already it is known that except Хемсворта in the tape removed Ben Whishaw and Killian Murphy.

Крис Хемсворт
For the sake of the role of the Torah Chris Hemsworth actively worked in the gym…

Крис Хемсворт
…now he is on a diet for the following roles

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