But men’s nail Polish is not just a trend, but a wonderful tool for self-care, which is available in quite a wide palette, offering not only risky design options for the most creative and bold but rigorous classics, always with an expensive elegant look.

For example, the popular American company Man Evolution back in 2013 presented a varnish for a men’s pedicure in six colors, two of which are shown in transparent top with a gloss and matte effect and the other four — in the form of a pigment suitable for the most courageous persons of the male sex. Such a diverse palette lets you decide what color Polish for pedicure men’s nail is the most appropriate, because each person has his own lifestyle, tastes and preferences. For example, almost all men used a glossy transparent top coat, which is deposited over close-cropped nails after a manicure, giving them a subtle Shine and well-groomed appearance. Today transparent gloss is not so relevant and often used as a top applied over the pigment, and even then not always. The fact that a particularly brutal man does not love glitter on the nails, even colorless, considering it a sign of metrosexualism, therefore, modern manufacturers of cosmetics had to develop a matte top without the slightest hint of pigment.

This remedy generally becomes invisible on your nails and use it for the most part in order to smooth the surface of the nail plate and make it more accurate. But since we are talking about pedicure, it is not always the lacquer, however, and its glossy counterpart, helps eliminate visual defects and shortcomings, and this is especially obvious when you need to put in order age nails. Typically, these plates are much thicker in cross-section, changing its color from pale pink to off-yellow, beige or even brown and have a lot of longitudinal and transverse cracks. And the only way to fix the problem is to apply a cover of varnish that mimics the natural color of healthy nails. While it is not necessary to use lacquers, which quickly changes color when in contact with water, because not all men can find time for a weekly visit to the nail salon.

So, to solve the problem in the longer term, will help matte the shellac (lasts on nails for up to two weeks) or camouflage concealer gels, which are applied to the prepared nails. To do this, nail plate polished, acid-free cover cohering gel, dried and re-cover the gel (this time we are talking about camo pastel). To ensure that each new layer better grappled with the previous, it is necessary to remove the formed after drying tacky dispersion layer. Alternatively, it is possible to block a ready modeling any of the above top medium (glossy or matte). If a man is willing to experiment and he is alien to any stereotypes, he can try such colors from the palette Evolution Man as Pavement (color putty), Alter Ego (dark metallic purple), Stend Out (Royal grey metallic) and metallic black with gold shimmer 3D Black. Naturally, such coatings are not suited for office and business meetings, but for a party or holiday by the sea.

Should disappoint the most ardent of homophobes who believe that the nail Polish men are most faithful proof of his sexual orientation, because this trend has long experimented on himself such famous alpha males like johnny Depp, David Beckham and even Prince Harry.

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