Every pregnant woman should know that there is lingerie designed specifically for them. It differs from the underwear, which are usually women, because in the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding women need to pay special attention to your body. Make the pregnant woman feel comfortable, you should pick up linen from natural fabrics that will not put pressure on the abdomen and chest. It is best to give preference to products made of cotton and linen. You can buy underwear made of microfiber, it will also breathe.

In different periods of pregnancy in a woman’s body undergoes various changes that should be considered when choosing clothes. Starting with the third month of pregnancy, every woman begins to appear the stomach. To keep the child comfortable, you should purchase panties with soft, not pressing with a rubber band.

Since the third trimester, you should pay due attention to the comfort of the breast, because this is the time it starts to grow. So in preparation for milk production the breast is not saggy acquired view, one should choose underwear that can withstand the weight of the breast. Do not forget that bras should be made of natural fabrics.

If you notice that your breast quickly change the size, you should purchase, for example here belleforme.com.uathis bra, which you can adjust the size. To choose this product, you should measure the volume of the chest (measuring tape is applied directly under your bust and measure the circumference of the chest). Then she measured his chest (cm superimposed on the upper area of the chest). To determine the Cup size, subtract the difference of the obtained values. If you have reached eight centimeters, then you need to buy a Cup size of D, and if ten, then E, etc.

Do not forget about the panties. For pregnant you can choose the panties that were worn under the belly or that have a large rubber band. This option is designed so that it will be worn on the abdomen. Each option has several versions designed for different weather conditions. For example, for a cold time panties are made from the more dense paintings of natural fabrics.

Currently you can purchase buy via the Internet, and not only clothes for nursing, maternity, and various useful accessories. For example, you can buy bags for girls, pillow for feeding, strollers, tires. Most importantly, when buying through the network to correctly indicate the size, colour and delivery address.

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