Choosing a therapist is very gentle. Agree, if a person came to the conclusion that he needs professional psychological aid, it is:

  • first, the really serious problems,
  • and secondly, he has exhausted all the usual attempts to influence the situation or correct it.

To get a real psychological assistance, need to consider a lot of nuances, gather a lot of information, ranging from education of the person to whom you are going to turn to, and ending with the opinion of people have already used it. But this common issues of concern to all. And now, we’re going to talk about how to choose a female psychologist.

What should be the female psychologist?

Каким должен быть психолог?

First discernment.

You should feel sympathy for him at first sight. If you thought that this man unfamiliar, that you would look at it better, learn – leave immediately. Still you may not want to be Frank with those who are not causes of complete trust and not particularly pleasant. Maybe with time, having «grinding», you really really made friends with him, but «fitting-in» for your own money is too…

The peculiarity of the second.

Ask whether he practiced before the decision of problems from the field of psychology, which applies to your situation. The female psyche arranged difficult, and will be much better if you will confidently lead to solving the problem, instead of experimenting on your feelings and emotions.

Third discernment.

Listen to myself. How, in your opinion, what is the female psychologist? This, of course, not about eye color and nationality (even though it may have a value). But you have to decide who you would be more comfortable, male or female, young or elderly person and etc.

Please note

На что обратить внимание?Where psychologist conducts its sessions? Are there in his tone during a call with your mentor or безапелляционные notes? What was your conversation with him – questions, clarifications or слезливого sympathy? All this is very important, believe me. But let’s order.

If psychologist holds sessions at home, it’s not very good. «Home decor», in this case, you are not home. On the contrary, you will feel uncomfortable on different occasions: are there sat down to hear someone behind a wall, etc. Himself psychologist would feel too relaxed, at ease, as usual home sounds and smells of human discourage make more lazy and makes you feel a master of the situation. And in your case it should be your assistant.

If a man speaks with very confident tone, then you do not assistant. Time will not change anything, and after a week and two he will seek to simply impose your own point of view, existing standards and stamps, referring to his professionalism, experience etc.

If a female psychologist goes on about emotions of his client, поддакивая her and always standing on its side, the objective vision of the situation from him hardly worth the wait. Specialist should be able to use all the «unpack», articulate, each complex moment problem. The only way a woman can be convinced of its correctness or wrong, get to go in the right direction, change its stance.

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