The practice of Oriental medicine there are thousands of years. But, unlike the European, Chinese medicine was not limited to laxatives, vomiting, and bone saw. The basis of Eastern healing is the philosophy and recipes from various herbs and pomace. Chinese medicine not only cures the individual organs and diseases, but also heals the body as a whole. So, based on what Eastern art of healing and how it works?

The secrets of Chinese medicine

The theory of Qi energy and the two principles of “Yin” and “Yang” are fundamental in Oriental medicine. The Chinese believe that in healthy body there is a balance began, and the disease arises from the excess of “Yin” or “Yang”. Feature of Oriental medicine is that it does not consider diseases of the kidneys, heart or stomach in particular. If a person is sick, he needs healing of the body.

In the treatment of diseases in the East used five components “metal”, “water”, “tree”, “earth”, “fire”. Each element is responsible for its zone, and on the basis of this theory we have chosen appropriate medication. Today, almost everyone is familiar with such practices as acupuncture, acupressure, and, of course, healing tinctures and pills based on herbs. Chinese pharmacy offers recipes to cure any disease, restore strength, General vitality and even youth

The possibility of Chinese medicine

Another feature of Eastern practices – no side effects. The fact that the manufacture of drugs does not require the use of heavy impurities and chemicals that can destroy the virus or bacteria, but a negative effect on the body. In Eastern medicine, it is allowed the use of safe elements.

Using Chinese medicine can not only improve your health and feel better and younger, but also to cure many serious diseases. Diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, joints, kidneys, liver, and even tumors perfectly treatable using natural recipes tested thousands of years of experience.

Herbs of Oriental medicine

Chinese herbs and extracts also markedly different from the European one. If we only do that with useful plant is dried and milled, Eastern medicine has long stepped forward in this matter.

Each collection is processed in a special way and combined with those herbs that can Supplement it. These unique methods and unusual approach to the problem Chinese medicines have become a symbol of well-being and vitality!

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