техника химического педикюра фотоChemical pedicure is a non-contact method of removal calloused skin, surface cracks, corns. Previously cosmetology to eliminate the signs of hyperkeratosis could only offer hardware methodology or mechanical счищение feet after contact with кератолитикими. The tactics of chemical pedicure is somewhat different.

Active component chemical pedicure is alkali, thioglycolic, or fruit acids. At the first stage of the procedure feet, toes and nails are covered with emulsion that provides propels the action. After 10 minutes of contact with her feet carefully wash off with water.

химический педикюр ванночка с раствором фото

After that, 5-10 minutes feet covered with a mixture of water and alkali. This mass hardens, becoming a crust of white color. After the specified time alkali wash, necessarily covering the legs protecting cream. After chemical pedicure feet become very soft, velvety and beautiful. Cuticle usually remains, it is removed cutoff way or simply removed if it is well размякла. Nails, you can then paint in a suitable colour.

If desired chemical pedicure you will spend in the home. The master can bring home to you everything, if there is no desire or time to go to beauty salon. But just remember that кератолитики have a very powerful effect of dissolving the skin. Incorrect timing, impact or concentration can be severely injured.

химический педикюр ванночка фото

Conducting alkaline pedicure requires some experience, specific knowledge and skills. Do not handle it, if hardly imagine what even the classic pedicure, not that chemical. There are special courses, workshops, and other learning activities, in which you not only a show, but will in detail tell about technique acid pedicure and all its features.

Acid pedicure is not more than 3-4 times a month. Usually hardened skin disappears after five minutes of contact with the active mixture of acids. But selecting the time of the procedure depends on individual peculiarities of the person. Chemical purification of the feet can easily be combined with other treatments.

после химического педикюра фото

For example, you can crop the cuticle, make a very original design of nails, use a hardware methodology of feet care, when special nozzles worked hard to reach areas near the cuticle, allowing you to create the perfect smoothness of the feet and toes. Chemical pedicure should apply to all, and only people with increased secretion of keratin, with deep cracks on heels, dry calluses and натоптышами.

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