повседневные прически для длинных волосLong hair is ideal for festive occasions, for sumptuous celebrations. You can create creative styling, original hairstyles with curls, буклями, numerous spits, decorate them with decorative flowers, ribbons or beautiful jewelry pins. In everyday life people with long hair often prefer to take them in unambiguous faceless tails and beams, not paying attention to what it looks like their hair. But on weekdays length of their curls, you can use it, creating unusual everyday hairstyles for long hair, each time changing them.

To everyday hairstyle for long hair are quite obvious requirements. This comfortable wearing, no excessive jewelry, which can detract from the way a business woman, as well as the ease of creation. Spend the execution hairstyles lot of time in the morning is an unaffordable luxury for our dynamic time.

Careless ease

Loose hair is not a hairstyle. Tell any stylist who spend one minute on creating a beautiful and confident laying on long unconfined hair. To loose strands look stylish, and not lifeless hanging down on the person, you will need a proper grooming with long bangs to the chin and a bit of a styling product.

Parted in the middle in great esteem of modern stylists, and we need to use. Wash your head, divide the hair parted in the middle, put a little light foam for fixing and dry Hairdryer, pulling bangs forward. Hair drying, you can shrink the hands that they were not direct but a little «creased» is very stylish.

Such a hair style that can be worn every day, perfect for a girls who need to adjust person: with the form of the «strawberry» with a broad forehead, with broad cheekbones and square shape, which requires mitigation of using the cover of its side locks.

Noble romance

Spit around the head difficult to to create new, but if you get hand, this hairstyle will not present any difficulty.

Roll the hair vertically on the forceps the big diameter, to get accurate soft curls. Scroll to the forehead hair, receding from the line growth of about 5 cm, and comb it forward. The rest of the hair can pick up in the tail. Start weave ear ear with any party, whipping his Hoop around the head, then lock the thin rubber band. Collected on top let down your hair, a little начешите for volume and secure the tip of the spit on them invisible, or beautiful barrette. Bouffant sprinkle with varnish.

This hairstyle looks very romantic, suitable for blondes and does not need decorations bows or large pins. Wear it preferable for girls with an oval face and forehead when more narrow than the chin area. This is undesirable when laying face shape the «strawberry», when prominent forehead, because she further adds to the upper zone of the face and head.

Aristocratic smoothness

Many think that the smooth hairstyle is easy to create and does not require any effort. This is misleading, because giving your hair smooth and save her throughout the day is not so simple.

Wash your head, completely dry hair, inflicted on them spray for smoothness. When drying is better to use a Hairdryer with ionizer, which prolongs hair, keeping moisture in and drying them. Divide them into shallow side parting. Hair on the forehead gently pull back a bit, fixing them on the sides of the invisible. As the finishing touch to the ends of your hair you can pull irons and carefully put on the shoulders.

Such haircut for long hair ideal blondes and brunettes, you can wear it in the office and for more informal occasions. It is suitable for the owners of the oval, narrow, round, and persons with a broad forehead, which cover strands.

Tail in the sport style

There is nothing easier than getting hair, зачесать up and secure with a rubber band. This is ideal for sports, so you can go to the lectures or for a walk. The most impressive high tail looks straight thick bangs, which will help to adjust the shape of the face if necessary.

If you are naturally very smooth hair, but you do not want your tail hung lifeless icicle, you can have a little screwed hair. Cheat can be as already in the tail, and in advance. In the first case you can give the tip of the tail homogeneous curl, in the second – stylish disobedient.

This tail looks fine with a simple t-shirt and jeans, with a dress-jacket in the style of Safari, with a checkered shirt in men’s style. In addition, its easy to fit and in the evening the image by wearing a short black dress with sequins, complementing the image of a miniature клатчем and ballet flats.

Tail with a scythe

No longer need to choose between ponytail and oblique fashion, because for a long time and successfully these two stylish category coexist in the same hairstyle. If you have long hair and you’re used to lay them in the normal tail, diversify his scythe, which will give a «flavor» and texture smooth hair.

Divide your hair into two parts, retreating from hairline 5-10 cm (as you prefer), comb this area forward, the rest secure in a ponytail in the back. The first part of the braiding in a braid-Kolosok, moving along the line of hair growth. Once you reach the ear, begin to weave braid separately, then to wrap it around the tail.

This hairstyle is universal, you can wear it for any occasion, if you have the face of a good oval.

Surround spherical tail

This is a very simple hairstyle, which, however, do not make too often because of the need начесывать hair. Its doubtless advantage is the complete registration of the hair, and even if they do not look very good, for example if you washed a head, in this hairstyle nobody would see it.

Brush the hair, take them in a high ponytail, secure it with a rubber band. Tail is slightly начешите to get the volume. Take some more of gum (depending on the length of your hair) and fix them at some distance from each other. Then tighten slightly gum up motion, not to injure the hair. Tail tip, leave the smooth – it looks very impressive.

Elegant twist

This hairstyle that looks incredibly elegant, make it very simple, and you can carry it anywhere. Particularly interesting, she looked at the hair, which combine several shades, giving laying dynamics and volume.

Carefully comb the hair, putting them on a spray lights or serum to preserve smooth. Make low tail, with a soft, thin elastic band. Lower it a little bit down, then make a hole in a lot of hair above the gum and skip through it’s tail. Finish! You get an elegant feminine style for any occasion.

Fine brevity

Sometimes long hair to hide at all. This can be for various reasons. In summer long strands may be uncomfortable because of the heat, business dress code may also contain rules, in which even the most beautiful dissolve the hair does not. To remove the long hair, but retain the style and beauty, need a few hairpins and a little patience.

Divide your hair into a scythe deep in the middle, well flatten them with cream or serum that they do not пушились, and pull none is not beaten out of hairstyles. Take them back in a low ponytail or bun, which need a good fix hairpins and invisible. If you need the packing for work, you can (and should) keep the hairstyle without pins. If you are looking for stacking for summer days, then you can safely adorn her side flat pins, contrasting color with the hair.

Also this hairstyle is great for hair, which are normally not lie or already not very clean.

Feminine volume

Surround the low beam can play differently depending on your imagination and the occasion for which you do hairstyle. To beam didn’t look old-fashioned, you can give him a note to a contemporary style, creating the effect knocked out strands.

Dry all the hair, adjust the volume using the mousse. Take the whole lot of hair, leaving the bottom and side of a couple of strands. Make beam, secure it with the screws, and the rest of her carelessly throw it, locking the tips of the rods. In conclusion, spray on hair little paint easy fixation.

This romantic and very feminine hair looks especially beautiful on the blonde hair, combining different shades of blond.

Side spit

There is nothing easier braids, which looks laconic and stylish, if you have long, thick hair. Daily KOs is perfectly combined with direct thick bangs.

Brush the hair, to give spit larger volume can cheat them. Collect a lot of hair to the side and start to weave braid, not making it too smooth, nor free. If the person remain short strands that is taken into the hair, leave them.

Spit in the modern fashion is the embodiment of girlish enthusiasm, femininity, vintage chic, historical traditions. Therefore, even the most simple spit can make an image of a stylish and modern, complementing the most different outfits.

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