Карла Бруни на обложке декабрьского Madame Figaro

Carla Bruni become the heroine of the magazine Madame Figaro, the title of the cover story reads: “Nine lives Carla Bruni”.

Since March, the ex-first lady of France toured with concerts, performing their own hits from the LP Little French Songs.

The question about his idols Bruni said:

Real diva – Maria Callas and Sophia Loren. Always flawless, with a perfect hairdo, stylish and always ready to cheat sheet the best photographers. Since I was the French President’s wife, was also причесана, накрашена, well dressed, but not as a diva. Today I went on a photo shoot in old shoes. Isn diva yourself is it possible? I am not interested in my image and what is written about me in the press.About your wardrobe Bruni told the following:

When I’m on tour, I dress casual – jeans, boots and all the most convenient. If I am invited to a party, then make my choice in favour of dresses and heels. I love tuxedo – he is so elegant! If you add the correct shoes, beautiful hair style and decoration, the image will be a great.

Well, the style of Carla perfect.

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