If you want to be a glamorous woman and keep pace with the times, we must make it crystal manicure. Technology repeats technology gel nail extension. But imitation crystal gives the hands soft and fragile.

Very difficult to grow and maintain nails desired length. But the desire to have long nails, a perfect manicure, deals with all girls and women. And here came to help the new method is a nail extension with gel or acrylic. This technology has charmed all, women do not feel sorry for money for the procedure. Very convenient location, almost a month holds manicure!

But technology went further – now gaining popularity nails crystal. This type of manicure really surprised by the beauty of nails look like the pieces of a crystal. Especially when the light beam hits. How did manage to masters do this beauty?

There are several ways of fulfilling the crystal nail: based on the finished tips, application of foil with stencils, to give the desired view from the manufacturing process. It all starts with the preparation of nails to process them, опиливают, remove the cuticle, leave the minimum length of a nail. Then you should prepare the form for extension. They should be selected for each finger and fit under the edge of the nail. In the process of building applied to design with foil, which gives crystal Shine.

But all the same it is more convenient to make crystal nails on the tips on the special artificial nails, with a ready-made pattern. To start the process of building, it is necessary to prepare nails. Edit, shape, push back cuticles. And then to select the типса on each finger and unfolded so that the future work not to confuse them. If the form of any of them is not suitable, that would make it using a nail file. The nail surface is processed, done Matt, disinfected and degreased. Per tips glue is applied to the area of the contact zone, and press a to the nail.

Tips should be tightly pressed to all air and hold for more than ten seconds, until the glue will not seize. The excess should be removed. The procedure is repeated for each finger. Then the length is shortened to the necessary, but left a small margin, for adjustments in the process. Using cutting removed Shine with tips and aligned boundary, the place of joint natural with artificial nail. Now our basis for application of gel or acrylic. Pre-embossed faces and create the effect of the crystal. When the gel is applied, the nails should be dried in the UV lamp. Acrylic dries himself, without the use of lamps. When layers of dry, apply транспарантный lacquer and applied additional pattern, figure. You now have an idea how to make crystal nails.

Of course, ready manicure looks very beautiful. But as regrowth nails of his views is lost. So after a short period of time, two weeks, you should make a correction. To do this, go to the wizard, since requires professionalism and accuracy. After all, he will have to remove the top layer of gel align regrown part and renew coverage. Maybe someone will be able to make, but still not worth the risk.

The same problem with the removal of the nail-made crystal technology. In order to do that go to the wizard: it has all the chemicals for the removal of such materials, like gel and acrylic. After all this made the need for caution is the primary mechanical exposure may damage the living nail.

Nails crystal is very nice and gentle. Made by this technology manicure, looks really crystal and gives hands fragility and accuracy. You can try different ways of its application. Maybe capacity with the use of foil like seem more dramatic. It is worth to experiment, to try. But still, it is advisable to prefer technology, without the use of ultraviolet lamp. Its influence on the human organism can be negative in nature. Besides, new technologies and varnishes, long-acting, with protective covering, for example винилюкс. The advantage of this series varnishes at a fast drying, beautiful polished surface, and for a period of action for two weeks. You can try and to know all the proposals of the cosmetics industry.

Beautiful hands, well-groomed nails is the principle of every woman. Well, if manicure and even elegant or a spectacular, made by the new technology means a woman and fashionable. Crystal nails give the woman style and completeness of the image. Always complement the outfit its exquisite views and luster, as decoration. For them it is necessary to watch, as for the decorations, and in time make correction!

If you follow the instructions in the article, crystal nails will serve quite a long time and will not lose its kind. It is better to trust correction and removal of the true master and professional.

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