In the life of almost every girl there is a very unpleasant situation, when breaks one of the nails, and comes after that clip at its level and the rest. But before this, the nails so much wasted time and effort.

It so happens that one moment – and a nail broken, and the women then a very bad mood. Many immediately throw up their hands and they quite a long time cease to care for nails, spending time on the formation of the correct form, which naturally affects their health.

However, not all so is terrible, as even completely broken nail or only cracked can be restored. Besides, it will not require much time, energy, or any specific tools. It will be enough to take glue, nail tips of different size, orange stick and fiberglass with paper handkerchiefs and silk.

First of all, you should determine what breaks down, nail it may crack надломиться or fail. Each failure involves own method of repair. However, all types of repairs will be needed fiberglass or silk. In the first case, require less effort, and the set can be purchased in a shop. It will last for quite a long time, as it is a small strips of adhesive fiberglass, which allows you to restore damage to the nail.

Thus, if broken nail is not necessary to hurry with the extreme methods, and you can consider this decision. First it is important to consider the most common options when the nail is only slightly damaged and does not require complete the repairs, and only need to remove the defect damage, break or crack. Such damage inherent in that case, if the nails, no no care and the woman does not value your manicure.

The first variant of such repairs will be the installation of the patch. In this case, will be used Phillips patch, one bar, which is glued along the nail, and the second across, completely closing the damage. After you apply a patch, it will be important to clean the surface, align it and make it smooth. To do this, place the crack or break опиливается to the extent not cease to cling to any surface.

After filing and smoothing of all Bugrov Il protruding edges need to paste the selected material (fiberglass or silk) . This is done in two stages. The first necessary to seal damage, and strip should completely cover the defect, and the second strip will cover the entire nail.

When using silk to the labels need to glue with brush. In this case, you must carefully fluff crack or defect, and put it to the silk patch, smooth her orange stick. This wand is more convenient in comparison with improvised tools, so as not to hurt the patch and its use as comfortable as possible for this procedure.

So, if broken nail, what to do with glue and material which does not have adhesive base. Here it is necessary to apply glue not only the crack or defect, but also on the patch. After a time, until the glue will not cease to Shine and become dull, however, that he has dried out completely, it is necessary to press densely patch, pre-aligning it on the nail.

The extra edge that you can leave this on purpose, because to accurately predict the size is unlikely to be clipped after the patch firmly sticks. Polishing patches should also be executed after gluing and cutting edges. Here you can go on top of the nails, and on their edges to smooth out the edges or burrs.

After such patches is the same method is pasted patch on the entire nail. This bonding will be performed by the same method, that is, first applied glue to the nail, and the patch, then she smoothed on the nail and, after the adhesion, trimmed and polished.

It should be noted that to be more attractive, you can establish multiple patches polishing them and smoothing until you reach the effect of solid and smooth nail. As patches can also be used paper handkerchief that the same method is applied glue. Besides, after the imposition of silk or a kerchief on the nail, cutting and polishing, apply a layer of glue, and also polished up. That is, repair a broken nail can be even without the use of special tools or fiberglass is applied, and improvised means and regular quality glue.

However, this method is useful only when a broken nail, which stays in place. In case, when the nail is not just cracked, and a little bit of it fell in, you can also do so, use the patch, but would have to perform several actions.

First of all, one should not throw a piece of отпавшего nail, and the broken edge of sawing round. On the contrary, to grease with glue both sides of the break and press them, sticking. After that performs the same operation, but considering the greater of the fragility of the nail and accuracy of operation. It will also be important for himself nail before applying the patch, the patch can be applied only from the outside, but inside. If used silk as a repair material, then it will be convenient to wrap up the patch, gluing two sides of one piece.

Remember that each patch should be attached, only after that it is applied on top of another layer of glue. It is impossible to glue it completely, soaking glue, as it will last much worse or disappear when polished.


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