Tell me how you lunch or dinner? Certainly, after the main course, you have something to drink, most likely tea. It’s a tradition. And you don’t know can I drink tea immediately after a meal? Not everyone knows, and for this reason there are many disagreements. This is not surprising because the varieties of the beverage, there are many, each of them has its own characteristics and, therefore, its indications and contraindications, in particular, and in relation to the admission. So, can I drink tea after a meal? Let’s face it.

When you can drink tea after meals?

How tea affects the digestion? The answer to this question depends, is it harmful to drink tea after a meal (and that’s according to the adherents of a healthy, proper diet). Studies show that a good quality weight black tea, and green too, stimulate digestive processes, promoting development of gastric juice. In addition, the substances contained in the drink, stimulate peristalsis, and help to restore microflora, struggling with pathogenic bacteria. That is, the use of drink for digestion is undeniable. Whether after dinner to drink tea? Yes, you can.

And here the questions arise: how about “don’t drink anything after a meal, as liquid dilutes the gastric juice”? And what about the soup you ate for lunch? A lot of the liquid. It also thins? It turns out, the broth in General is impossible, it’s a solid liquid… Not so simple in the stomach, as many people think. And gastric juice is produced exactly to the extent that this is necessary. Moreover, due to the folded mucosal surface, all of the liquid excreted from the stomach much faster, and solid food components remain for further digestion. So nothing dilutes.

But the recommendations not to drink tea immediately after a meal makes sense. The fact that the drink usually rely sweets. And sweets – it’s extra calories, extra sugar and fats. This is really harmful.

In addition, the feeling of satiety in humans occurs only 20 minutes after a meal – and during this time we usually have time to eat a good portion. Add on top of another 250 ml of tea – here is the stretching of the stomach, increase its volume, and subsequently this leads to the need for more amount of food. And to excess weight.

How many you can drink tea? How many want, the main thing – do not exceed the total amount of food received. That is, if you had a big lunch, stomach full, better wait a bit. If you ate enough, you can treat yourself to tea at once. But, probably not worth it, from a purely foodie point of view. It’s so nice a bit to get away from dinner to fully enjoy the taste of a fragrant infusion. Tea is not the drink that can be drunk in a hurry, they need to enjoy.

But there are cases when you need to drink tea after a meal. It’s just digestive problems. Especially useful in this respect green varieties – they stimulate the production of gastric juice, of bile and stimulates the bowels. Drinking green tea after meals, and in those cases, when I ate something “heavy”. Despite the drink tannins, they do not slow down the stomach, on the contrary.

But this is warm tea. But with the cold or on the contrary, much hot, getting harder to drink them immediately after a meal is impossible. Because proven cold liquid, any, accelerate the withdrawal of food from the stomach. That is, the food is not digested until the end, enters the intestines, where, of course, begins to wander. And the feeling of satiety faster, which leads to overeating. As for the too hot tea, everything is clear – why do you need constant burns of mucous? So, the answer to the question, which beverage can be drunk immediately after a meal warm.

Can I drink tea before a meal?

Is it possible to drink the tea before eating? No. Here all come to a consensus. Impossible. First, this leads to an increased development of gastric juice – and what to digest? Many people know the feeling when you drink a Cup of tea on an empty stomach, and then to hunger is added, and nausea. So, if you are interested in, you can drink black tea before Breakfast or not, the answer is clear: it is impossible, at least without anything (that is, without the Breakfast, obviously). Secondly, the drink dilutes the saliva, and then all the food is not so good, and it is interesting there is something tasteless? By the way, regarding green variety of the guidelines are the same, moreover, it affects the digestion is stronger than the black, so it especially shouldn’t drink before eating.

So, can I drink green tea after meals?

. And green and black. But only warm, and only in case if the stomach is not full. And preferably without the various additives in the form of candy, cake or cookies. However, a good green tea such supplements and does not need, it is good in itself.

Do I need to drink tea immediately after a meal? Decide for yourself – it improves digestion, but it’s not to say that in its intake immediately after a meal is necessary.

Whether to drink tea after a meal? From a physiological point of view – no difference. But from the point of view of gluttony… Probably wrong. Because hurry kills the entire atmosphere created by the beverage. Agree, why buy an expensive welding, to bother with cooking to quickly, drink the drink, not tasted the taste? It is suitable for those who drink “tea” in bags… So if you decide how many you need to drink drink after a meal, you should wait about 15 minutes, and then proceed to the tea party. And given the time needed for the preparation of the beverage, about the break and it turns out – after all, tea should not be prepared in advance, it is necessary to drink immediately.

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