Календарь "Сплетника": 5 женщин Дэниела Крейга

Acting James Bond Daniel Craig second of March marks the birthday – he reaches the age of 46 years. Of course, we love him for his role in the film, but our favorites this time will be devoted to women of the birthday boy. Just the actor was five companions, who were mostly interested in the world mass media.

It all started with his first wife Craig. The future star of the TV screens and a favorite of women around the world, and his fiancee, Fiona Loudon married in 1992 (at the same time, by the way, Daniel received and the first film role). A year later they had a daughter, Ella, but a year later the young couple parted. Nevertheless, the daughter they decided to bring up together. And if in the company’s ex-wife Craig’s almost never seen, with her daughter paparazzi found it quite often.

Крэйг Элла
Ella and Daniel Craig

After recovering from divorce, Daniel started Dating a German actress Heike Macac. The General public, she is known for her roles in “resident evil” and “Real love” – in the latter by the way, she plays a fatal Secretary, that’s trying to get his boss of the family. Craig and macac together starred in the drama “Obsession”. Their relationship lasted for about seven years, and then the actors parted.

Heike macac and Daniel Craig

The next big step in the life of Daniel Craig was Roman with producer Satsuki Mitchell. In 2008, Daniel made a sweetheart proposal she took a pair of “bonded” the agreement on the marriage ring Cartier platinum with a traditional diamond). But before the wedding thing, like as not reach (although once we noticed wedding ring on the finger of Daniel). Craig left Satsuki to Rachel Weiz (but the former bride in a duty has not remained and revenge). His relationship with Mitchell as the previous years, lasted about seven years. Apparently, this is a critical period for goluboglazaja handsome.

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell

Interestingly, at that time, when Daniel met with Satsuki, in his life, though not very long, but there was another woman Sienna Miller. They met on the set of the film “a Puff cake” in 2004. Itself Sienna at that time, recall, was a girl Jude Law. Lo tried to understand Daniel Craig – he called him, expressed everything he thinks about it, and also urged to reveal the truth of his “official” companion. Themselves Daniel and Sienna their relationship never commented on it. For the first time information about the novel by Craig Miller and published yellow tabloid News Of The World, now edition are involved in the process of illegal wiretapping of phones celebrities. 

Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig

Current wife Daniel Craig – a wonderful Rachel Weiz. They met on the set of the film “House of dreams”, and could not cope with feelings. Craig, as they say, just escaped from the bride and Rachel had to go from the Director Darren Aronofsky she had lived with for almost 10 years and which gave birth to a son. Despite the dramatic beginning, we sincerely wish spouses happiness! And we hope that this Union birthday and his wife forever.

Wife Rachel Weiz and Daniel Craig

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