Календарь "Сплетника": 10 лучших цитат Джона Малковича

Today, 9 December, celebrates anniversary John Malkovich – star of films “Dangerous liaisons, “in The line of fire”, “Empire of the Sun” and of course “being John Malkovich”. In honor of the 60th anniversary of this, without doubt, an outstanding actor, we picked out ten of the best quotes from his interview.

About profession:

I’m still not sure that I was right when he decided to become an actor. In the life I have and driving a school bus, and selling pies, and painting houses. And I’ve often wondered what my life would be like, not I choose acting. And yet it is not so bad – pretend to be other people and get a fantastic sum.

I always thought that if an actor can’t earn money, then he or incredibly stupid, or tragically невезуч.

On the theatrical stage I very relaxed. This is my house.

Acting is always associated with imaginary people, events, objects, so being in this profession, you are always to some extent remain a child.

About the movie “being John Malkovich”:

When I saw the title of the script, I thought it must be some joke. It turned out that it was a joke hundred pages.

I personally do not think that is very similar to some of his characters, including characters from “being John Malkovich”. I don’t see any similarities.

About women:

I probably have more friends among women than any of my friends. What I like about this is that women are morally stronger, they are better able to listen and more adapted to life.


When on the set of “being John Malkovich” it took my baby photo, I gave the crew telephone his mother and said to call her and explain that I am an actor and photo are needed for the film. I do not think that my parents actually know what I’m doing.

About Europeans and Americans:

I twenty years lived in Europe and noticed that the misconception of Europeans about Americans is that, in their opinion, America is not in their culture… For the last couple of centuries decent number of great writers, poets, artists, musicians, filmmakers, dancers were born in the United States. It’s a great culture, great culture.

About politeness:

I walked on the street in France, and I got hit by a truck at a decent speed. And here he tries to hide, and I run after him, grabbing his steering wheel through the window. And said, “I used to live in a civilized society, and if we have someone shoot down on my truck, then at least interested in how this person feels”. He replied, “Sorry”. And I say, “Fine. Try next time be more careful, that would be great. And sorry for the inconvenience”. ‘m thirty meters, and here I’m approaching this driver this time he pulled up for an autograph.

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