Календарь "Сплетника": три блондинки - Эмма, Элизабет и Хлоя

February 10, Elizabeth banks marks 40 years, Emma Roberts, 23, and Chloe Moretz – 17 years. Our congratulations to the beautiful and talented girls!

Elizabeth born in the family of a worker of a plant General Electric and Bank serving. Real name Elizabeth – Mitchell, but she decided to take a pseudonym to avoid confusion with the actress-namesake. On the screen banks (but then, under the pseudonym Casey) debuted in 1998-in the film “Surrender Dorothy”. Since then, she had to withdraw in dozens of movies and TV series. In particular, she starred in the Comedy “Hot American summer” and “Zack and Miri make a porno”, “Spider”, the drama “Overcoming”, criminal drama “Three days” with Russell Crowe, picture of Oliver stone’s “Bush” (in which she inherited the role of Laura Bush), both parts of “the hunger games”scandalous project “Movie 43” (and, by the way, and in the Director’s composition), series “Clinic” and “Studio 30” and many others. In addition, Elizabeth and her husband max Хандельмана two children.

Elizabeth Banks

Emma – the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and, accordingly, niece Julia Roberts. Despite the fact that her father left her mother girls Kelly Канингхэм shortly after the birth of a daughter, took their genes. The girl began in a fatherly line – that is, in the acting profession. In General, Roberts began to appear on the screens with the early years – in 2001, she made her debut in the film “Cocaine”. But her fame came for the TV series “Нетакая”, which started in 2004 and lasted three seasons. After the shooting of the show, the young actress got successively two leading roles in the films “Nancy drew” and “Crazy”. In 2008 also released tape “Luxury life” is a drama role in which convinced even the most severe critics that Emma is a very promising actress. Career младшенькой Roberts is developing very actively in the last years got a very good Comedy “We Миллеры” with her participation, and plans are now the girl some more projects. My personal life is not without plans – Emma is going to marry for my lover and colleague on the shop floor Evan Peters. Hope no incidents not interfere with the happiness of the young.

Emma Roberts


The youngest today’s namesday – Chloe Moretz (by the way, she friends Emma Roberts). Despite tender age, she had grown so much. With the support of his family and the family of her oho-Ho-Ho! – the girl four older brothers) Chloe literally conquered the film industry. She started to act very early, and in 2005 already received significant role in the Thriller “the Amityville Horror”. Then there were her appearance in the paintings of the “500 days of summer”, “the Eye” and others. But really the audience fall in love with a young actress succeeded in 2010 because of the role of Убивашки. It Moretz coped inimitably. In the same 2010 released tape “Let me in. Saga” – a remake of the Swedish film of 2008 based on the novel by yuna Айвиде Lindqvist. Chloe played girl-vampire, which helps the boy-outsider deal with its problems. He, in turn, gives the unfortunate merits of his love. The picture was so successful that even Stephen king called it the best movie of 2010. Moretz had to withdraw and in the ribbon on the novel by the king – it is about “Carrie” (in Russian distribution, “Telekinesis”).

On account of a young star working with Martin Scorsese (“the Guardian of time) and Tim Burton (“Dark shadows”). And it is not over yet – the work seven projects, and their number is, we believe, will only grow.

Chloe Moretz

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