Календарь "Сплетника": фильмы, в которых звучат песни Фрэнка Синатры

on 12 December, the world celebrates birthday legendary Frank Sinatra. He was born in new Jersey in a family of a poor Italian immigrants. Art was alien to his family, however, the young Sinatra it has not prevented to go its “own way”.

From an early age, Frank dreamed to achieve success, for the sake of what was willing to work hard, although higher education, he never received. In adolescence Sinatra earned by playing in bars and on radio, and later tried himself as a sports journalist. But in 1933, having visited a concert Bing Crosby young Sinatra finally decided on vocation – испонительством. SPLETNIK.RU remembered the most well-known films, in which the sounds of jazz master.

“What women want”

In the movie Nancy Meyers 2000, “What women want” songs of Frank Sinatra sound repeatedly. As the soundtrack were selected three hit: Too Marvelous for Words (“Too good for this world”), I Won’t Dance (“I won’t dance”) and I’ve Got You Under My Skin (“You under my skin”). The film was released as one of the best 2000 – it is not wonder, Frank Sinatra knew what women want.

Movie shot
Frame from the movie “What women want”

“Dirty dancing”

In the cult film with the participation of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer gray Dirty dancing” also sounds the Sinatra song. During one of the scenes, behind the scenes plays My Way (My way). Note that the soundtrack “Dance” long ago became independent phenomenon and earned platinum status.

Movie shot
Frame from the film “Dirty dancing”

“Home alone”

After the album Frank Christmas Songs By Sinatra his velvet voice forever contacted in our minds with Christmas, than not get tired to speculate Directors. In the first part of the family Comedy “home alone” spirit of Christmas is coming home Маккалистеров together with his song Let It Snow (“Let’s snowing”).

Movie shot
Frame from the film “home alone”

“Tough nut”

The most snow song in the world fell in love with not only the creators of films about the tiny “little street orphan”. The first two movie “tough nut” ends melodic wishes – “Let’s snowing”.

Movie shot
Frame from the movie “tough nut”


Songs by Sinatra are suitable not only for serious discussion. In the cartoon “Madagascar” characters, like most of the romantics, enjoy life to the song What a wonderful world (“How beautiful this world”).

Movie shot
Scene from the cartoon “Madagascar”

Who framed Roger rabbit”

Half cartoon, half realistic, 1988 film Who framed Roger rabbit” won three Oscars. In one scene of the movie behind the scenes is the song Sinatra Singing Sword.

Movie shot
Scene from the cartoon “Who framed Roger rabbit”

You say that his songs randomly play some of the most successful films of his time? We say that good taste is logical. And not in vain “10 reasons for my hatred” you can hear one of the most recognizable songs of Sinatra I Love You Baby”, which is sung by Heath Ledger.

Happy birthday, Frank.

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