Календарь "Сплетника": Четыре фильма Николаса Холта

Today’s birthday boy Nicholas Hoult. Actor and взлюбленному Jennifer Lawrence today marks 24 years. Nick several times nominated for various катерские awards for the films “My boy” and “X-Men:First class”, but neither the first nor the second case, a young actor and not удалос hold статуэтку.Редакция congratulates actor congratulation and recalls the three most significant role in the career of Nicholas, and also wishes of new intresnyh proposals and future, hope deserved awards.

My Boy

In a melodramatic Comedy were still a child Holt was a duet most Hugh Grant. With such a start Nicholas was obliged to gain a foothold in the Hollywood hills.

about a boy
Frames from the film “My boy”

about a boy

Wet behind the ears

7 seasons of this show бередил minds of adolescents U.S. and other countries. Calculated on 16-18 spectators, многосерийная drama lasted six years, during which there were seven seasons. Hero nick “Молокососах an attractive and intelligent young man. Hope this actor is in reality.


Free man

Another film and cast of stars: the on-site Nicholas worked with Colin Firth and Джулианн Moore. The Director of the film was made by Chris Weitz, who worked with Nicholas in the formation of his acting career on the set of “My boy”.

Свободный мужчина
Frames from the film “Free man”

Свободный мужчина

X-men: First class

Another adaptation of the Marvel comic book, and Holt, of course, plays a man with superhuman abilities – the young scientist Hank McCoy nicknamed the Beast. He has a mutation is an incredibly tenacious feet-brushes and phenomenal intelligence.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas hoult

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