Календарь "Сплетника": пять лучших ролей Мэтью Макконахи

on 4 November, when Russia celebrates the Day of national unity and the whole country is jubilant day, birthday celebrates actor Matthew McConaughey.

His biography is not a history of the “happy accident”: last year at the University he decided to become an actor (although he studied at the faculty of law), and systematically embody your dream. Acting in various Hollywood films, he gradually started to walk away from the reputation of the “actor drama: famous Matthew thanks to roles in the films devoted to romantic relationships, later in his filmography appeared serious dramatic works, including “mad”, “the Hills”, “Lincoln for a lawyer” and “the Dallas club of buyers.

Congratulating Matthew McConaughey with 44 anniversary, we remember the most notable his role in the film.

Мэтью Макконахи
Matthew McConaughey

The first “hit” it has the main role in ромкоме “the Wedding planner” in 2001, where he has played with Jennifer Lopez. McConaughey has created quite plausible image of a young man who has one important choice: opt feelings and love or marry transfer on its rich client. Comical situation and Fleur romanticism “hit”: despite the fact that the reviews on this movie were not positive, he instantly became one of the idols of the young girls.

Мэтью Макконахи
“The wedding planner”

After two years McConaughey has secured this success, choosing for her filmography another potential hit: “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. It is not a secret that among ромкомов very popular paintings about journalists glossy magazines. According to the plot, Kate Hudson, became his on-screen partner, received a task from the editors of the journal of their own: to conduct an experiment and repeat all the typical errors of the people in the relationship to write about this stuff. However, the hero Matthew got exactly the opposite task: you need to “glue” a girl and fall in love in ten days. Life situations, seasoned with humour and romantic atmosphere, “shot”: after this role Matthew confirmed its reputation as one of the actors, which can and should call for the role in “female” comedies.

Мэтью Макконахи
“How to lose a guy in 10 days”

Duet with Kate Hudson was so popular, that in a few years they starred in another movie: “fool’s Gold” – he was released in 2008. Unpretentious plot of finding a treasure in the entourage of the waves of the sea, Marina and palm – fans said that Matthew had waned, and was “very similar” in all the films.

Мэтью Макконахи
“Fool’s gold”

Apparently, McConaughey listened to this opinion, because his last work for films in this genre became a role in the film “Ghosts of girlfriends past (2009), and then he shifted the emphasis and began to choose more serious and multifaceted characters.

The actor proved their skills in the movie “the Lincoln lawyer for”, where he played a ruthless lawyer who at some point understands that his client, perhaps, not so innocent. But the reputation of its hero does not allow to lose the case, that becomes a dilemma. Twisted story with graceful ending, where there was a place mixture of cunning and calculation of filigree, was appreciated by the audience and the press in one of the reviews about the film, which stated that “eternal romantic showed its teeth”.

Мэтью Макконахи
Lincoln for a lawyer”

Finally, painting “The Dallas club of buyers, which was presented in September, but comes to Russia only in February of next year, confirms: Matthew McConaughey – deep and professional actor. The screenplay is based on the true story of Texas electrician Ron Вудруфа. In the mid 80-ies Вудруфа discovered AIDS, and, according to the doctors, his life was no more than a month. Refusing to accept his sad destiny hero McConaughey starts to accept not yet passed the test and therefore prohibited in the USA drugs produced in other countries. In the end Вудруф establishes underground business pharmaceutics and creates in Dallas so-called Club of buyers – the first of dozens arising in the future throughout the country. War against the entrepreneur begin to other pharmaceutical companies, as well as government institutions.

For this role, the actor has lost 15 pounds – and foreign critics excitedly told that Matthew did a great job with his role. By the way, one of the following high-profile Prime participate actor is “The wolf of wall street” also one of the most anticipated films of the year.

Мэтью Макконахи
“The Dallas club of buyers

“The wolf of wall street”

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