Календарь "Сплетника": 7 лучших фильмов Кевина Костнера

Today the actor Kevin Костнеру celebrates its 59 years. 33 of them, he is active in films and managed to play in hundreds of movies, and dozens of them were мегаприбыльными. In addition, on account of his two Golden globes, two of the “Oscar” award “Emmy”. SPLETNIK.RU congratulates the talented actor birthday and offers to show a retrospective of his best roles.

One of the first tapes, which brought him wide popularity – the “untouchables”, which was released in 1987. The film is based on real events and tells about the opposition of the employees of the FBI and the mafia led by the legendary Italian al Capone. For the role of Eliot ness – FBI agent – costner received his first Oscar.

Кевин Костнер
Frame from the film “the untouchables”

Premiere of the historical drama “Dances with wolves”, where costner gave the actor and Director, was held on 19 October 1990 in Washington. Work on the film artist led five years, which eventually paid off – world car of the film brought 424 million dollars.

Кевин Костнер
Frame from the film “Dances with wolves”

The most touching and romantic film for the whole history of the new Hollywood (not counting, of course, “Titanic”) – “the Bodyguard” was released in 1992. Since the tape appeared at the box office, costner became the idol of millions of women. On-screen love with Whitney Houston, where the hero Kevin defended it against any threats like to reiterate each girl.

Кевин Костнер
Frame from the film “the Bodyguard”

A year later, in 1993, was released Thriller “a Perfect world”, showing the peculiar relations gangster and a hostage, which was 8-year old boy. In the end, brutal criminal binds to the child and actually replacing his father.

Кевин Костнер
Frame from the film “a Perfect world”

In the movie “the Water world” costner made and producer, and Director, however, a big success for him to no avail. Despite the fact that the film is liked by the audience, in 1995 he was nominated for антипремию “Golden raspberry” in two categories at once.

Кевин Костнер
Frame from the film “Water world”

The film is directed by Tom Шедьяка “Dragonfly” was released in 2002. The mystical story of death and rebirth immediately won the audience, and this was reflected in the rental. In total, fees cinema totaled $ 15 million.

Кевин Костнер
Frame from the film “Dragonfly”

Drama “Rescue” was released in 2006. Together with Kevin costner in the movie сыгрался young Ashton Kutcher. However, with a budget of $ 70 million, the total box office revenue of the film in the USA amounted to only 54 million dollars.

Кевин Костнер
Frame from the film “Rescuer”

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