кисти для ногтей фотоBeautiful pictures on the nails are a delight not only men, but also women, have seen already much in the sphere of manicure. Beautifully paint the nails without special brushes will not work. There are many brushes, nail design, and each brush is responsible for his own.

кисти для дизайна ногтей фото

First, brush for design gel nails acrylic nail nail designкисти для дизайна фото

  1. Wide synthetic brush is used to perform the patterns, can be used for the deposition of crystals or powder.
  2. Brush petal – a kind of flat brush with the trimmed edge, is used to create intricate patterns.
  3. Scatter brush – a very fine brush, mostly from natural cloth. Serves for creation of small figure.
  4. Кинжалообразная brush is a synthetic brush with beveled workspace. Thanks to such a brush, you can create as slim and larger figure.
  5. Brush «short hair» – brush for professional manicure, having short workspace. Is used to create complex patterns of various configurations.
  6. Brush «long hair» – brush for professional manicure, having long workspace. Serves for drawing thin lines.

кисти для маникюра фото

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