Бритни Спирс на обложке журнала Vegas Player

Fans Britney Spears rejoice! She was the heroine of the latest issue of the magazine Vegas Player. The star took part in a colorful photo session and gave the publication of a Frank interview, in which she told about the work, idols, glory and many other things. News from “Сплетником” shared blogger Kido.

In conversation with the correspondent Spears reported that the constant trips badly influenced not only her physical and mental condition, and on its sons that was accompanied by a star mother during all tour:

When you are constantly on tour, it is very bad for your body. I look back and don’t understand how I have it all happened. Stay in one place and forget about patrols – it’s cool, it’s more stable and calm.

However, in the difficult work stars and pleasant things:

Las Vegas spectacular place. Here an incredible energy. You are sure to spend good time here.

The singer is not so easy to return to the former form: Britney continues to overcome many problems, but not even think to give up:

When I first began to work I had a sore everything the body for about three days there’s nothing I could do about it. I could hardly move. I’m trying to improve her own choreography. Whenever I’m statement of the new show, I strive to make it better than the previous one.I love to dance and act on stage, but in Vegas I want to do something different, because it is the ideal place to move to the next level.

When Spears was asked about the idols, she replied that she had never had a particular artist, that she admired. It inspires creativity of many musicians:

It is difficult to choose one person. I admire many artists.

Бритни Спирс
Britney Spears new photo session

Бритни Спирс

Also Britney remembered about the beginning of her career, and that she had to endure over the years:

It was my dream. I’m from a small town and never could think that with me it could happen. When I become famous, the whole thing seemed to me unreal. I do not even understand what was happening. It was like a dream, but it was amazing.It is very important in such moments is to be next to a people who will cast you to the ground. It is a serious test for the psyche, because you become a pop star in such a young age. If you have friends, you all will be fine!

In addition, the singer, who spent almost all his life in the public eye and under-the-gun paparazzi, admitted that she still can’t get used to the constant attention of:

I’m actually very shy. I don’t like when I take pictures. I don’t like the attention, but you can’t avoid them. I am resigned to the fact that I am haunted by the photographers. I try every day wear the same thing to become uninteresting.

Spears also said that not read the tabloids write about it:

I never do this. I know that most of the news about me will be unpleasant to me, so I try not become a part of all of this. It would be stupid of me.

We hope that Britney will manage to realize all our plans, because even after so many years after his triumphant take-off it continues to stay on top of the fame.

Let’s remind, that recently the singer presented the second single Perfume’s new album, Britney Jean, which will be released on December 3 this year. Britney shows stunningly strong vocals and emotional anguish, performing the song.

Бритни Спирс

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