Бритни Спирс с Дэвидом Лукадо и Кевином Федерлайном на матче сыновей

Britney Spears and her boyfriend David Лукадо

Last Saturday, the American pop Princess Britney Spears went to a football match their sons, Sean and Jayden to support them during the game. The company of the singer made her boyfriend David Лукадо. They always laughed, joked with children and having fun.

Later they were joined by ex-husband Brit Kevin Федерлайн. And, it would seem, the mood of the artist might fall, but she continued to smile and behave naturally.

Also on the match attended father Spears, that throughout the day actively communicated with the former husband of his daughter. Well, men have much in common – at least, they both live by the singer.

Бритни Спирс с Дэвидом Лукадона матче ее сыновей
Britney Spears David Лукадона match her sons

Бритни Спирс с Дэвидом Лукадо на футбольном матче ее сыновей

бритни спирс

Кевин Федерлайн с сыном на футбольном матче
Kevin Федерлайн with his son at a football match

кевин федерляйн с сыном

сын бритни спирс

спирс, федерлайн, лукадо
Britney Spears with her father and David Лукадо, Kevin Федерлайн

отец бритни спирс и федерлайн
James Spears and Kevin Федерлайн

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